10 Places to Visit in the Far East

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

If you are visiting Singapore, you may find that there are many amazing gardens to see, but one that may take you a little by surprise is the one situated right next to Marina Bay.  See natural beauty (all be it designed and arranged by man) in contrast to some of the most stunning structures in the world in the background.

The Great Wall of China

A well known one, but would any list of attractions in the Far East really feel complete without it?  Built between 220–206 BC to protect the Chinese empire, this is well known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and as the only thing built by man that is visible from outer space.

World Circus, Shanghai

The Chinese have a long standing with acrobatics, as evidenced by their performances in world gymnastics competitions.  Come see a spectacular acrobatic performance in Shnaghai, featuring a finale of motorbiking daredevils.  Don’t bother with expensive seats, the view is great everywhere in the small auditorium.

Mori Arts Centre, Tokyo

Not only an outstanding collection of Japanese modern art, but also offers an incredible view of the city from the observatory located on the 52nd floor.  This observatory allows you a 360 degree view of Tokyo, you can decide which is more beautiful, the art in the museum or the architecture of the city.

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

Not strictly something you really have to worry about visiting in Malaysia as you can see them from everywhere!  Formerly the world’s tallest buildings and an iconic symbol of Malaysia, make sure to check out the Skybridge, the world’s highest bridge with amazing views of the city.

Jump! Comic Martial Arts Performance, Korea

If you are a fan of martial arts with a good sense of humour, this show will be ideal for you.  A fine exhibition of Korean martial arts prowess that doesn’t take itself to seriously, with the ability to make you both gasp and laugh.

Flying Hanuman, Thailand

Zipline through the jungle in Phuket, Thailand.  With 28 different platforms and lines, nature walks, abseiling points, this packs everything into seeing the thick Thai forest from the best possible vantage points.

Phang Nga Bay

A beautiful stretch of 400km, the most famous part being the needle island dubbed ‘James Bond Island’ after being made famous by the Bond movie, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.  Limestone cliffs, caves and incredible scenery make this a must see.

Kata Noi

Thailand is famous for its beaches.  This is one of the more secluded and peaceful ones, especially when compared with nearby Kata beach.  There are still lifeguards, deck chairs and other beach services such as massages available, but you can avoid overcrowding here.

Hong Kong: Nan Lian Garden

One of the most beautiful spots in Hong Kong, experience the Oriental style of garden design.  Comprised of various water features, rock features, ornamental trees and of course plants, this is an idyllic place to escape the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities around you.

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