3 of the Best Biking Trails in the USA

Mountain bike riding and cycling are sports that can be fun for any age and anyone interested in getting in better shape or being more active. Riding around bike trails is a fun family activity on the weekends or a way to get to work or school every morning. If you can find a good trail, bike riding is a relaxing way to enjoy nature and get a breath of fresh air. There are beautiful bike trails and friendly urban areas where cyclists thrive all across the United States of America. Almost every state has an interesting set of bike trails that provide a rigorous workout or a relaxing ride in the park.  As you’re making your 2013 vacation plans, consider one of these top biking destinations:

Hiawatha Bike Trail – Northern Rockies

The route of the Hiawatha Bike Trail in the Northern Rockies is one of the more interesting trails in the country. This bike trail connects Montana and Idaho and was converted from a railroad trail to a bike path in 2001. There are ten tunnels at this trail back from the railroad days and both states’ horizons are easily within view. It’s important to remember to bring a bike helmet with a light for the tunnels at this trail. The gravel trail is 15 miles long and is relatively flat for the most part so it’s good for families with children. People can choose to go on their own or there are guided tours available that include transportation from Idaho and a picnic lunch as well.


Noble Canyon – San Diego, CA

The Noble Canyon in San Diego, CA has close to a thousand miles of trails including valleys and mountain peaks. There is an intermediate level off-road biking trail that’s around 11 miles long in Noble Canyon. This canyon has virtually everything available for the avid cyclist. Depending on the time of the year, cyclists can begin in the snow and end in the desert and vice versa. The trail goes through the desert, the forest and the meadows as well. Having the beach in close proximity makes San Diego a great destination for individual cyclists and families alike.

Gitchi-Gami State Trail

The Gitchi-Gami State Trail in Minneapolis, MN is not just fun to say, it’s also fun to explore. It is another great example of one the finest bike trails in the country. The bike trail goes through backcountry for approximately 86 miles alongside Lake Superior. There are waterfalls, lake beaches and partially paved trails that run between five state parks. This state park has a great biking trail and is another great destination for friends and family on the weekend. The 40-mile Riverfront Bike Path in Eugene and the Springwater Corridor that stretches over the double-lift steel bridge from Portland to Boring are two great trails in Oregon. Eugene has around 120 miles of bike lanes for cyclists.

Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Texas and Washington all have great bike trails as well. Finding the best biking trails in the US is relatively easy with a little bit of initiative. This is a great way to enjoy nature, get exercise and spend quality time with loved ones. Finding a great biking trail can turn an ordinary day into an adventure in a flash.

Patricia Nelson is a writer from Olathe, KS who is staying fit and healthy through bike riding and other forms of physical activity with her family. More of her tips about healthy living can be found at Kansas Healthcare Careers.

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