4 Helpful Tips For Saving On Hotels When Traveling To Dubai


Dubai is often associated with luxury and opulence, and rightly so. However, you do not need to be made of gold to enjoy this beautiful city. It is possible to enjoy the magic of Dubai without breaking the bank. Here are 4 helpful tips on how you can save money on hotels, without sacrificing luxury.

Book as early as possible


To claim that Dubai is a tourism hot-spot would be a massive understatement. The city sees its fair share of business travellers, but tourists definitely make up the vast majority of all travellers making their way to this magnificent city. As a result, hotels tend to be completely booked most of the time. Simply booking ahead may guarantee you a room, but it certainly won’t make you eligible for early-bird discounts. The trick is to make your hotel reservations as early as possible. Luxury hotels in particular offer amazing discounts to guests who have made reservations months ahead of time. It is amazing how much one can save by making reservations well in advance.

Browse the Internet for the best deals


There are a number of websites out there dedicated to helping you find the best rates for hotel accommodation. Almost every major hotel chain in the world has a strong presence in Dubai. Add to that a string of very luxurious local hotels and what you get is a market where hotels face stiff competition from each other. In a bid to outdo competitors, hotels often make deals with websites to offer amazing discounts. If you believe that a suite in a luxury hotel may be out of your budget, think again. Some of deals you can find on the internet are mind-boggling. Frequent travellers to Dubai can vouch for the fact that if you look around enough on the internet, you can get a suite in a 5-star hotel for the cost of a standard room in a 3-star hotel!

Ask about special packages on offer

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Once you have zeroed in on a luxury hotel offering a good deal, do not hesitate to ask about special packages. Most hotels often have some sort of package on offer that can peak your interest and help save some money over the duration of your stay. If you are a person who never skips breakfast, find out more about packages that include breakfast in the tariff. Similarly, hotels also have various packages for families, business travellers and honeymooning couples. The packages may include anything from breakfast and show tickets to luxury car rental and adventure sports in the desert.

Check for complimentary services and amenities


In order to lure visitors, hotels will often provide numerous complimentary services and amenities. On the surface they may not seem like much, but in reality, utilizing them can help you save a bucket load of money. For example, in any big city, one of the biggest expenses for a tourist is hiring a taxi to get to and from the airport. You can use public transportation, but only if the city has an excellent transit network and if you are travelling very light. In such a scenario, opting for a hotel that provides complimentary airport transfers. Similarly, do not overlook the importance of free Wi-Fi internet or a top notch concierge.


Follow these 4 simple tips and you shall be able to get the most value for your money, as far as hotels in Dubai are concerned.

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