4 Photography Tips For Traveling Abroad

4 Photography Tips for Traveling Abroad

It’s winter in the Northern hemisphere, which means that a lot of people book trips abroad to escape from the winter cold at home. When traveling, most people like to take photos to remember the great things they saw or did during their trip. For some, photography is a passion or even a profession. Traveling abroad provides a great opportunity to improve your photography skills while getting some great shots that might end up as a poster on your wall or even in a magazine. Below we’ve rounded up four photography tips for your next trip abroad.

Take Only What You Need

When traveling abroad you don’t want to be weighed down by all the kit that you’ve brought with you, most of which you probably won’t be using. For camera gear, the same rules apply as for clothing, take only the essentials. If you have your trip mostly planned out, it’s pretty easy to figure out which camera and what lenses you need to take. Do your research on what kind of photographic situations you’re likely to encounter and put together your kit based on this. Don’t just take your 500mm lens because you think that it might come in handy once or twice. Take your favorite camera, 2 or 3 lenses and some essential accessories such as a tripod.

Find Accommodation With a View

When looking for accommodation, try to find places that have great views. It’s such a joy to just be able to wake up early and get some great shots from your bedroom window. You can use TripAdvisor to find honest reviews of rooms and their views.

Always Take Photos

Even when you don’t have your state of the art DSLR with you, take every opportunity you can to take photos. You’ll likely be carrying an iPhone or other kind of smartphone, all of which have pretty decent cameras these days. It’s better to have photos in slightly worse quality than not to have any at all.

Get Up Early

Getting up early during your holiday will allow you to get some photos in the morning light, which is great for taking pictures. You’ll also be able to take pictures of touristic places without the crowd that you get when you go out during peak hours. Big cities and touristic hot spots often look completely different without the huge crowds, which allows for great photos to be taken. You also won’t have to worry about people getting in front of your camera all the time, ruining your snaps. The late afternoon when the sun is setting is also a great time for taking photos, though you’ll likely have to deal with more crowds at this time of the day.

Try to Find Unique Subjects and Views

Everywhere you go there are numerous different unique subjects you can photograph that most tourists won’t even look at. Try to seek out such subjects or views to get some unique pictures. Also take some photos into the sun. While this won’t give you perfectly exposed images, it often creates very exciting pictures if done right.

Make sure to enjoy not only the splendid views that you encounter on your trip abroad, but also the local culture and different activities you can participate in. It’s not all about photography after all!

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Estancia Churrascaria, an Austin Brazilian steakhouse. Zane enjoys taking photographs on his trips.

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    Thanks for the share! My family and I rented out this beautiful Tuscan Villa next month and being the photography buff I am have already scouted out the area for photo ops. When I get back I’ll be sure to send you some!