4 Weird But Tasty Cuisines In Europe

Some foods are both pleasant looking and nice but there are some that aren’t so appealing. It’s either one or the other. But, when you find foods that look weird but taste great, it can be a huge surprise. So, if you’re a food adventure type of individual, and like exploring new albeit “unique” dishes, these weird European cuisines should give you a run for your money.

1. Stuffed Haggis in Scotland

Picture this: chopped livers, hearts and lungs of sheep stuffed in sheep stomach diced with flavours, onions and spices, then cooked for a few hours and served. If this doesn’t sound scary or disgusting to you, then you may want to try the stuffed haggis.

Popular in Scotland, this dish tastes really great once you can get past the process or the ingredients used in preparing it. If you’ve ever had scrapple or pie made from meat scraps, then you already have an idea of what it tastes like.

2. Head Cheese Available Anywhere in Europe

Imagine having a sheep, cow or pig’s head skinned and all the organs removed and the head cooked until soft and tender. Follow this with picturing the meat being chopped into bits and cooked again for a while longer in the same broth and then allowed to cool until it becomes a mass. That’s what the head cheese is.

Available in almost every country cuisinies in EuropeCuisines In Europe, this cuisine is typically served with sandwich or salad. Some people like it, others don’t. You’ll need to taste it to decide for yourself. If you do, hats off to you.

3. Black Pudding

Before you start thinking it’s like any other pudding, hold on for a minute and imagine eating cooked blood. That’s right! That’s what the black pudding is. Also commonly referred to as blood pudding or Bratwurst in Germany, this is common in the UK and Europe.

To make this, you will need other “fillers” like potato or grains to give it the requisite structure. When you’re done cooking it, it will end up looking like a sausage. Some people swear it tastes really nice once you get over the blood part.

Others say they’ll never go near it again after tasting it. Whatever the case, it is obvious that this is a choice everyone would need to make by themselves. So, when next you’re in Europe or the UK, try it and let’s know what your thoughts are.

4. Steckelfisch in Munich

If you have never had mackerel on a stick before, this is an amazing dish to try. Scary looking because the fish is complete with the head and all, it tastes quite good once you get past the scary part. The Steckelfisch doesn’t typically taste like fish. Instead, think of white meat that’s quite soft. That’s what it tastes like. And with proper seasoning, it is quite amazing.

There you go. If you’re ever in any of these countries, try any of these and let’s know what you think. You’re bound to either love or hate them. Whatever the case, just have fun whilst tasting them.

Sam Jones the author of this article is a travel fanatic and a foodie but even he admits that sometimes the two do not mix too well. To find out more about some weird food habits around the world click here

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