5 Global Festivals In 2013 To Show Off Your New Style

If all the world is the stage for a style enthusiast, then embracing global cultures and style while travelling to exciting events is sure to be a journey filled with fun where memories are made. People who love fashion know that inspiration for the hottest couture styles is drawn from cultures and designs all over the world, modelled by stunning women and men from across the globe. For a fashion plate, showing off a look they love is as important as being well dressed- what better way to enjoy glamour and style than with world travel? There are tons of global festivals where fashion savants can go to show off their new styles.

Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA

The famed Sundance film festival is a hallmark of American culture and the place where many international cinema stars first find their way into the spotlight. In addition to the star studded events and first looks at independent films, the fashions of Sundance are often a huge hit. Dressing well for the occasion is a must, and for those lucky enough to score tickets, Sundance Film Festival is a fantastic locale for showcasing a glamourous new style.

Carnival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

One of the most popular vacation spots in the world, Rio plays host to the annual Carnival festival. The celebration reflects the days leading up to Lent, and includes colourfully and exotically dressed participants indulging in food and drink in preparation for the upcoming period of sacrifice. Style is one of the primary aspects of Carnival, with bright colours and exciting looks being showcased by all participants. Participating in this immense festival allows visitors a glimpse into the culture and style of beautiful Brazil.

Glastonbury Music Festival, England

Held in the last week of June each year, the Glastonbury Music Festival is the largest open air performing arts and music event in the world. Attendants include musicians, celebrities and rabid music fans from across the globe, and style is a must. As an open air festival, Glastonbury is not an event for couture gowns and clutch bags. However, it is an amazing locale for seeing street style from around the world and a fantastic stage for showcasing new looks.

Bastille Day, Paris, France

All fashion enthusiasts know the role that France, in particular the Parisians, play in the fashion world. High fashion and couture are deeply ingrained in French culture, and as such, any event taking place in Paris is an excuse to dress well- very well. The Bastille Day festival commemorates the start of the French Revolution, and features performances, musical entertainment, tons of parties and, perhaps most notably, beautiful fireworks. Bastille Day participants are dressed to impress in the traditional Parisian style, making the festival a fantastic locale for showing off a classy new look.

International Fashion Week, Worldwide

It goes without saying that the pinnacle of fashion and style events is International Fashion Week. With festivals taking place across North and South America, Europe and Asia, designers showcase their latest and most exciting couture pieces. New fashion lines and trends are revealed during Fashion Week. It is, perhaps, the single most important week for the fashion industry. Of course, everyone attending is dressed impeccably, making any of the many International Fashion Week festivals the perfect place to showcase new style.

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