5 Great Ideas for Adventure Breaks in Europe

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Taking a holiday for many people involves finding somewhere with great weather, a nice beach and ready access to a bar! For others though, trying something a little adventurous during their holidays is the preferred choice and below is a list of 5 great ideas for adventure breaks in Europe.

Go Surfing in Europe: Whilst most people might associate surfing with Australia or Hawaii, Europe does in fact have some of the best surf breaks in the world. Some of these are located in already popular tourist hotspots as well, such as The Algarve, France, Spain and Ireland. A number of surf companies and schools will be able to help the novice, or guide the more experienced to perfect breaks.

Go Cycling in Europe: The recent success of British riders in the Tour de France has helped raise interest and awareness about cycling, not only because of the sports itself, but also the stunning scenery along the Tour. For the holidaymaker, they could choose from on or off road cycling and do this as part of an organised tour or independently, by basing themselves in for example the Pyrenees. Cycling holidays in Europe are expected to grow in popularity over the next few years.

Go Skiing in Europe: For anyone interested in winter sports, Europe is one of the best destinations in the world. The most popular ski resorts in Europe are to be found in France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Their well-developed infrastructure includes ski lifts, great accommodation and ski schools for those people that may require lessons and there are slopes suitable for people of all experience levels. For those looking to escape the tourist crowds and add a sense of adventure to their skiing holiday, other destinations such as Romania, Finland and Bulgaria might be considered.


Go Hiking in Europe: The mountain regions of Europe offer access to some of the most visually stunning scenery anywhere in the world. One of the best ways to experience this is by taking a hiking holiday where the effort of walking is richly rewarded by the beautiful views all around you. There are as many ways of taking a walking holiday in Europe as there are routes it would seem. Those people that would prefer to be part of a group and have their accommodation pre-arranged for them will be as equally catered for as those that would like to tackle an adventurous long distance route such as the GR11 and camp along the way. Some wonderful places to hike in Europe are Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the Carpathian mountains, the south of France and many others.

Go Sailing in Europe: There are many places in Europe that offer sailing holidays but nothing quite beats a sailing vacation in the Mediterranean. As with the other adventure holidays already mentioned there are many different ways to go about this with the experienced sailors perhaps choosing to charter their own yacht, whilst beginners might prefer to attend a beginners sailing school. A sailing holiday in the Mediterranean can be the perfect way to mix adventure, fun and excitement, whilst offering a unique perspective on the countries visited. A great sailing destination is Malta with its pristine waters & great coastline scenery. The island is small enough to cover most of its coastline in less than a day – an ideal starting point for a beginner who wants to use it as a base for training.

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