5 Luxury Items You Should Start Taking Camping With You

It’s not going to be long until we’re over the worst of winter and slowly the weather will start to get warmer. For families that love the outdoors it means it’s nearly time to get the tents out because camping season is nearly upon us. Instead of spending our weekends watching television we can actually get out into the hills or mountains to get some fresh air into our lungs. Nothing can beat taking the kids fishing by the lake, or teaching them to build their own fire.

You get to pass down all the survival skills your parents might have taught you. When you go camping it doesn’t always need to be about survival. You sleep in a tent and could even catch your own food, but there’s still things we can take with us in the car that means we have a little luxury while away. You don’t need to live with nothing because of some feeling you might have it’s more real. Have a look at these cool items you might want to think about packing.

A hammock


When you’re lying down during the day and chilling out there’s nothing better than doing it in a comfortable hammock. You get to spend your whole night on the ground when you’re lying in your tent, so why don’t you add a little luxury relaxation to your trip. Because you are bringing the car it means there’s space for each member of the family to pack their own unique hammock that they take with them on each camping trip. The only possible flaw is not wanting to do anything during the day because you can’t get up.

Camping tables

A table is something else that needs to be thrown in the car. Sitting down and eating from a bowl that’s balancing on your knees is cute, but why would you even want to do that when you could have a nice table to sit at? It’s one of those times where the only thing stopping you is your ego. When you’re lying under the stars you will soon realize camping is still authentic when you have somewhere nice to eat your meals.

Stovetop espresso maker

When you wake up in the morning and realize you can now have your lovely latte you won’t be able to keep the smile off your face. Instant coffee is OK if you’re in prison, but just because you might be sleeping in the woods somewhere doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself. With the stovetop machine it’s quick and simple to use and all the adults will be able to start the morning like they do back at home.

Slip-on camp shoes

When was the last time you wore walking boots all day and didn’t have sore feet by the time it got dark? When you’re doing a lot of walking your feet will need to be looked after properly. Once you get back to camp wouldn’t it be great to slip out of your heavy walking boots and slip into something a little more comfortable? If you get yourself a pair of slip-on camp shoes they still allow you to walk around and get everything done, but you almost feel like you’re wearing a pair of comfortable slippers.

An air mattress

I don't think the mattress is a cosplay...

This is the crown jewel. How could it not be when you don’t need to lie with your back on the hard ground? Even if you take a rolling matt with you it’s still not the most comfortable thing in the world. That’s what the military use and they definitely aren’t known for comfort when they’re sleeping out in the field. You won’t feel like you’re in a hotel because you have an air mattress, but you’ll sure come close. Just take a pump with you and it can be inflated in no time.

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