5 Ways You Can Avoid Paying Extra Charges For Airport Parking

With airports opting for cheaper flights and charging an exorbitant fee for parking space, frequent flyers are befuddled at the rising travel expenses they have to incur. Moreover, parking lots at prominent airports, are filling up fast and by the time you want a space for your car, you have only a few lots to choose from.
Fortunately, travelers can avail of cheaper parking lots keeping the following strategies in mind:
#1: Plan in advance.
According to a recent survey by a leading travel portal, Holiday Extras, holidaymakers could save approximately 60% on airport parking  if they booked their lot two weeks in advance. Thus, you see how much money you can save if you consciously plan ahead. While impulse trips cannot be prevented, make sure your long vacations (eight days or more) are planned months in advance. You’ll not only save on parking costs but get cheaper flight rates too.
#2: Compare till you drop.
There are several online airport parking comparison websites available where you can compare parking rates at Heathrow, Luton, Dublin, Edinburgh, Stansted and other airports. While comparing, don’t just look for parking lots in the airport, but also consider spaces in the vicinity at cheaper rates. Some airports, have a number of private airport parking areas, where you are charged relatively low prices.
#3: Use complimentary hotel parking.
This is a particularly beneficial strategy used by frequent flyers. Airport hotels are a wonderful place to have a good meal, get a shower, rest, and park your car before you board your flight.
For instance, booking a room in one of the Dublin airport hotels could get you free parking. Plus, you won’t suffer from the pre-flight transportation stress. Some consider this an expensive option. But when you look at the long term parking charge redemption in Dublin, for vacations stretching up to 15 days or more, a room booked at one of the Dublin airport hotels is a fantastic way to save money.
#4: Avoid using debit and credit cards.
Most airport parking lots charge you a certain extra as processing fee when you hand them your debit or credit cards for money transactions. Carry some cash with you or write the authorities a check if you wish to avoid these hidden costs. True, the extra cost you incur is just probably a few pounds, but for those who fly frequently, this is an expense they cannot ignore. Act wisely and save every bit of money you can when you travel.
#5: Avoid getting your car to the airport.
Say you are about to board your flight. You are travelling alone and don’t have a lot of baggage with you.  It can sometimes just be that much cheaper to go by public transport. If you don’t mind the stress of hauling your bags around on buses and trains that is!

A little caution can go a long way in cutting down your airport parking costs. Is there any other tip you’ve used to offset parking costs at the airport?

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