7 Breathtaking Sites to Visit in Rome

Few places in the western world have woven history and legend, art and religion, past and present as impressively together as the Eternal City. When in Rome, you breathe the air of an ancient civilization as you walk through its ruins, and you can almost hear the echoes of footsteps of the past as you pass through the aisles of magnificent basilicas. Suspended in time, somewhere between the past and the present, you are caught in a state of enchantment.

While there is no doubt that you will want to visit Rome’s most celebrated landmarks, its famous baths and walk underneath its triumphal arches, steeping yourself in its local charm and culture may be another way to let your wandering spirit guide you into some of its remarkable, off-the-beaten track jewels.

The Colosseum

Imagine the world’s deadliest shows — gladiator fights — chilling and thrilling throngs of people as they gathered around thousands of years ago, within this large complex, built as a stadium. Although the Colosseum fell into decline over the centuries, through various historic upheavals and transitions, it continues to be one of Rome’s major attractions.

The Pantheon

Dedicated to Roman gods, this temple is a walk back in time to the history of worship. Legend and history come together within a structure that Michelangelo perceived as a work of angels. Constructed between 27 and 25 B.C, it is an extremely well-preserved site and reflects its character as the name implies, “everything divine”, or “pan teon.

Castel St. Angelo

Emperor Hadrian’s ancient castle, now a museum, is a spectacularly built mausoleum that stands majestically along the Tiber River. A late evening stroll through its circular architecture, surrounded by the wonders of Baroque statues, takes you back to 139 A.D.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Perhaps you have already visited the Vatican, or standing in line all day wearies you, and you wish to see a Basilica in Rome that is close in grandeur to the Vatican, this one will surely captivate you. Built around year 400, it is a patriarchal basilica offering a glimpse into Rome’s awe-inspiring mosaics and phenomenal works of art of the 5th century. Original relics of the Holy Crib are housed here, in its Sistine Chapel.

San Giovanni de Laterano

Not far from the Roman Colosseum, this splendid basilica is situated on one of Rome’s seven hills and the predecessor of all Christian basilicas.

Piazza Navona

A breathtaking revelation of Roman life – its liveliness, pomp, public gatherings, market, painters, cartoonists and processions – comes to life through the most famous of Roman Squares. It is the meeting point of ancient history and modern life. Captivating grand architecture, representing Baroque magnificence sits beside subtle, understated houses, presenting a uniquely contrasting picture.

The Roman Forum

The oldest form of government closely akin to the modern concept of senate and politics rests here within the ruins of the Roman Forum. Originally built by Romulus as a market place thousands of years ago, it grew into a place for temples, discussions, assemblies, administration of justice, and yes, violence and battles.

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