A Businessman’s Guide To The English Capital

Your boss has booked you onto the next train to London for an impromptu business trip, and while the main purpose of the excursion may be to seal an important deal or meet with a new client, you will inevitably have some spare time to play with. So how should you fill it to make the most of your time in the capital?

What to see

London is home to a huge number of landmarks that are recognisable across the globe, including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard and Westminster Abbey. Go on a walking tour to glean fascinating information as you soak up the sights or take it all on board while relaxing on a Thames boat trip.

You can’t visit the capital and not see a theatrical production. London’s West End is famous for providing first-class entertainment and the high standard of theatre attracts people from around the globe. Whether you opt for a timeless classic with spectacular visuals and music like The Lion King or unwind with the brilliant and hilarious The 51 Steps, make sure you head to the Strand to see what all the fuss is about.

What to do

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, but if you’re only there for a week, how do you make sure you tick everything off your priority list? Free time might also be scarce if you’ve got a busy few days of meetings ahead, so make a beeline for the attractions that make London the great city it is today. Schedule in some time to take in the spectacular views of the city on the London Eye, enjoy a delicious roast dinner in a traditional British pub and visit renowned museums such as the Natural History Museum and the British Museum.

While London is overflowing with things to do, there are also some tranquil spots that provide a quiet haven away from the buzz of the city. Taking a leisurely stroll through one of the stunning parks, often complete with lakes and breathtaking sculptures, is a pleasant way to clear your head before or following a meeting.

Where to stay

If you’re lucky your boss might have booked somewhere for you to save you the hassle – and if you’re even luckier it will be a plush five star hotel with all the trimmings. However, in the majority of cases you will be making a booking yourself, and you are expected to sniff out a good deal to make the most of the company’s resources.

The first thing to do is to find accommodation close to where the majority of your meetings will be held. Book accommodation based on your schedule: where is the most convenient place to stay, taking the whole week into account?

Your accommodation can make or break a stay. What better than coming in after a hard day’s work or important meeting and sinking into a soft armchair in a stylish suite fully furnished with everything you could possibly need? With beautiful bathrooms and fully fitted kitchens, Aparthotels are a fantastic option and offer the utmost convenience, comfort and that ‘home away from home’ feel – for a great example of how stylish and affordable this type of accommodation is, check out Supercity Aparthotels London, who have 3 properties located in the capital.

In the evenings

If you’re engaging in corporate travel, why not make the most of the nature of your trip and take the opportunity to do some networking? London is one of the business capitals of the world and is a great place to make potentially useful contacts.

A good place to embark on your networking quest is one of the vibrant bars the city has to offer. Head to Mayfair for stylish bars brimming with business types and enjoy a selection of the capital’s finest cocktails while you schmooze with the cream of London residents.

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    Thanks for the article. Personally I wouldn’t go to London, because I like more private places, but it is a nice cultural hub to visit anyway :)