A Family Guide To Mexico

Taking a trip to Mexico would usually have one imagining tasting foreign cuisine and long walks on beautiful beaches; but where do the kids fit in to this romanticised imagery?
They simply don’t, do they? So where do you go and what would you do on a family holiday to Mexico? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Chapultapec Park – Mexico City

More commonly known as “Bosque de Chapultapec” it is one of the largest city parks which spans over an incredible 1,695 acres.

It is divided into three sections, so there is plenty of fun to be found for all of the family at this park. The first section is the oldest and most visited and contains most of the park’s main attractions, including a zoo, a museum of anthropology and the Rifind Tamayo Museum.
The second section contains jogging trails, places for yoga, martial arts and other exercise facilities – if you want to keep fit on your holiday.
The third section is mostly a wildlife reserve where you can wonder through the striking scenery which holds various species such as snakes and lizards.

This would be a lovely and very family friendly place to visit if you are inclined to see some wonderful wildlife and gorgeous scenery.

Puerto Morelos – Quintana Roo

A beautiful and very breath taking sea port town in Quintana Roo; Puerto Morelos has some great sight-seeing to offer.

For starters there is a white sandy beach which the whole family can enjoy, whether you take to swimming, water sports or just a spot of sunbathing – for those awkward teenagers in their “lazy years”. There is a light house which is known as the symbol of Puerto Morelos and as such, deserves a visit from anyone visiting. There is a beautiful marine terminal that you can see and even take a ride on a boat and see the beautiful beach in its full glory.

Of course if your kids are slightly daring and you feel like having an encounter with snappy creatures there is a crocodile zoo where you can observe these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park – Riviera Maya

This unique and ecologically friendly park is quite something to behold indeed, children of all ages would be happy here!

At Hidden Worlds there is plenty to do, including adventure tours into the Mayan Jungle and the chance to explore some of the world’s largest Cenotes – which are known as “sacred wells” or as I prefer, caves with water.
There is diving available and a two day ‘land and sea’ adventure which you spend the first day snorkelling with turtles and the second day exploring hidden Mayan ruins and underground cenotes.

Sounds very fun packed and adventurous doesn’t it? For more information on this, check out www.rainforrestadventure.com.

Ixtapa Island

Ixtapa is a small island near Zihuatanejio, in the Mexican state of Guerrero which is accessed by a water taxi, also known as a boat.

You can take the whole family fishing which is available all year round at this delightful spot, inshore or offshore. Ixtapa island also offers you a chance to get up close and personal with dolphins, whether you wish to just get close or swim with them; you could also go diving or snorkelling here with it being such a hot spot for casual swimming sports.

It is worth noting that when taking part in the dolphin experience there are trained professionals present at all times and take time with both visitors and dolphins to ensure a fulfilling visit. For more information, visit www.visitmexico.com.

Vallarta Adventure Centre

Known as the premier tour and activity operator for Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, there is a wide selection of adventure based tours for all ages.

The daring zip lines are sure to get the adrenaline junkies excited, which go up to 1,200 meters (close to 4,000 feet) in length and reach a speed of up to 100 kph (60 mph).
Activities that are also available include swimming with dolphins, whale watching and snorkelling.

The best and most attractive part of this adventure centre is that young children can play for free, for more information you can visit www.vallarta-adventures.com.

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