A Guide to Planning Ocean Weddings in Massachussets

When you’ve finally found your special someone, you want the day of celebration to be everything you’ve dreamed. Weddings are as old as human culture itself, and it’s no wonder they never go out of style. Weddings are a great way for two people to announce their commitment and love to their communities and family. Enjoyable festivities and delicious food are only a few of the added delights of the ceremonies. Planning a wedding can be a chance to express your style and find a unique way to have a party. Some couples prefer mountain, countryside, or even city weddings, but wedding sites that are often romantic and memorable are by the ocean. The Northeastern coast of the United States boasts many picturesque towns and views, fresh seafood, and dense, viridian forests. Planning a wedding in any one of the popular Cape Cod sites offers many options for accommodation, ceremony site, and reception hall. Whether you are a heterosexual or LGBT couple, Massachusetts famously welcomes all loving pairs who want to be joined in matrimony. This article will guide you through some of the most pressing concerns for finances who want to be one of many satisfied couples who have chosen to have ocean weddings.

Wedding Areas around the Cape

The blue-gray Atlantic Ocean lies to the east of Cape Cod and the Bay, which are all part of the state of Massachusetts. Below the Bay are two privately-owned, large islands, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Each of these three locations is ideal backdrops for your special event. Around the bay, there are many historically-significant, quaint locations to visit and photograph. Due to dangerous shoal off the shore of Cape Cod, dozens of whitewashed lighthouses were constructed up and down the coast. These helped boats navigate in the treacherous area and are beautiful, striking tourist attractions. On Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, there are many boats for hire, that you can use for fishing or site seeing. The beaches are well-populated in the summer—excellent places to cool off in the hottest months. There are also museums of early American history and prominent architecture dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. All these locations and activities make the area a great place to host a wedding. Many hotels have views of the ocean and boats, and your guests will surely take advantage of the tourist destinations around the Cape and islands.

Planning a Ceremony

When planning a ceremony, you will want to contact different venues to find the best one for you. In many cases, you can be married on a beach or promontory overlooking the Atlantic. You will want to plan a day with a low probability of inclement weather if you are going to have celebrations outside. Many venues plan ahead for rain or wind, which can be common in this area of the country, and will have tents and indoor areas in addition to designated beach-side seating. Many Cape Cod locations will provide catering and a certified wedding officiator for you. Contacting the tourist service of the Cape area will give you a better idea of the options available to people planning ocean weddings.

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