A Mini Winter Getaway

Spring is just around the corner but despite that, the cold weather seems determined to linger on. I think most people will agree that it can be quite depressing – dark, dusky days, icy winds and the threat or rain or snow don’t encourage you to venture outside. So if you can’t brighten the days, why not treat yourself to a mini break to brighten your spirits?


There are many holiday cottages available in the UK for short breaks such as this. Somewhere that’s quiet and in the countryside is ideal: places like the Lake District, Dorset or the Yorkshire Dales. You don’t even need to go far – if you’re heading away for a short amount of time, you don’t want to waste hours and hours travelling. You could even stay somewhere in the next county – it’s all about a change of scenery!

Self Catering

Self-catering gives you lots of flexibility and it can often be more cost effective than staying in a B&B or hotel. You can get good deals when you book last minute breaks too, so shop around before you buy. Don’t think that staying in self-catering accommodation needs to mean more work for you though; it’s simply giving you more choice. You can still go out for dinner at local restaurants and pubs, it just means you can eat breakfast at home and you have the option to make a packed lunch or picnic to take out with you if you can’t afford to eat lunch out every day.

Finishing Touches

Once you arrive at your destination, treat it like the proper holiday it is. Crack open the bubbly and get out your champagne glasses then put your feet up in front of a hot open fire. In the morning, investigate the local area. Often self-catering accommodation will provide welcome packs which contain details about nearby amenities and attractions so that you can go out and explore. Have a wander around and find a shop where you can stock up on some food. The property should stock some cupboard basics like tinned food, tea, coffee and condiments but you’ll have to stock up on fresh items like bread, milk, butter and cheese, plus replace any of the food you use that is provided.

Local Gems

Find out if there are any local sights that you can see, museums or galleries you can visit and events that you can check out. If you’re in a really remote area, simply go for a walk or a cycle and enjoy the scenery. If you’ve travelled by car, this allows you even more flexibility as you can travel further afield to visit the closest village, town or city.

Nights In

If you’d prefer nights in to get away from the cold weather, snuggle up and watch a film (often DVDs are provided but just in case the options don’t match your taste, it’s wise to take your own). You could have a cheese and wine night, or simply have an early night with a good book.

Make the most of your time away by doing what you enjoy the most. Relax, make yourself at home and look forward to the spring!

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Peter James is a cocktail waiter and event organiser who lives in Machester. Peter loves travelling and hiking the Lakes in his spare time and regularly shares his travel experiences on Outlet4Spain.com – A Sitges specialist accommodation website.

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