Alternative Sightseeing Tours In Budapest

Known by locals as ‘The Paris of the East’, Budapest is a European capital simply bursting at the seams with things to do and see. It’s no surprise that Budapest has a number of alternative tours available for those who want something a little more different from the usual ‘hop on hop off’ city tour buses.

Trabant Tour

Back when Hungary was a communist country, people used to drive Trabants. Listed as one of the 50 Worst Cars of All Time by Time Magazine, it’s been called “the car that gave communism a bad name.” The ‘paper jaguar’ (so called because it’s mainly composed of paper and plastic) may not be a sensible automobile choice for the modern family, but for a novelty driving tour of Budapest it’s well worth renting one of these bad boys. Head to the flea market, Memento Park, and finish by snapping a few posed photos around the pre-fab buildings of the 1970’s.

Bicycle Tour

Walking tours are great, but they can be slow going. If you still want to get some exercise while you sightsee, try joining a bicycle tour. You might feel silly donning your yellow jacket and crash helmet at first, but these safety essentials don’t look quite so conspicuous once you join your group of fellow sightseers. Follow the guide back and forth across the Danube, taking in Budapest’s best sights with the wind in your hair.

Evening Sightseeing Cruise

Budapest is beautiful by night, and there’s no better way to appreciate the lights of the city than on an evening sightseeing cruise. Don’t worry about it being too dark to see: there are televisions on the boat that will show details of the buildings as you float serenely past. Usually these river cruises are very relaxing, with one alcoholic drink provided. They can be a bit cheesy too, with the “Blue Danube” waltz playing as you float down the very same river. Relax and enjoy.

Daytime Speedboat Tour

If floating along with a glass of wine in the evening isn’t quite your style, try signing up for a Danube speedboat cruise. You’ll see a lot of the waterfront during the half hour tour, and some operators even boast that you can dive off the side and into the frothing river. Not for the faint hearted. Finish off the adrenaline boosting tour with a round of beer or champagne.

Helicopter Tour

If you really want to take in the whole city in one go, take to the skies on a helicopter tour. These tours will give you a new perspective on some of Budapest’s best loved buildings. It’s also a good way to get an idea of the lay of the land: the bird’s eye view will certainly make reading your map a lot easier, anyway.

Wherever you’re staying in Budapest, these tours are sure to help you discover every hidden gem.

Victoriana Danzig loves writing, but still wishes she was a figure skater.

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