Amazing Harry Potter Locations To Visit

The phenomenon that was a slight, bespectacled young boy, who went by the name of Harry reached epic proportions when the last book by JK Rowling wa published. The memory of Harry and his chums lives on and if you are a fan of the movies or books, then you are certainly able to feed your Harry desires easily. Grab the car keys (or Nimbus 2001) and check out these wonderful Harry Potter locations…


Harry Potter Studio Tour


For the genuine fan, the Harry Potter Studio Tour is a necessary place to visit. Located just outside of london, the studios are the actual film studios where the entire series of films were shot. This is a fantastic place to see the original sets from the film. Ever wondered what the Snitch looks like close up? How about learning how to use a wand properly – you never know who will need to be defeated in the future. The set of the Great Hall is here – it is possible to sit down at one of the form tables and imagine that your owl would be bringing your Remembrall. The studios are astounding, as the original sets are here, it is a very convincing place to visit – if Hagrid appeared from behind the Butterbeer stall( one of only two places to buy it in the world), it would not surprise anyone. The craftsmanship that was used to create the world of Mr potter is evident here and the skills used are very impressive. Children will love it here but don’t miss out if you are in your eighties. Even those who have not yet caught the Harry potter bug could visit, be inspired to read the books or watch the movies. No true Potter fan should miss out on this treat. One word of advice is to bring your own car as the location is a little tricky without your own vehicle.


Alnwick Castle


Northumberland holds some historic treasures but Alnwick Castle holds a Harry Potter secret. The flying lesson in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” were filmed in the grounds of this beautiful castle and true fans will immediately recognise the locations. Throughout the year the Castle hosts the very wise Professor Dumbledore and his pal Hagrid – they are both incredibly realistic, as well as seriously funny. The entire family would definitely appreciate this twosome.


Durham Cathedral


The jewel in Durham’s crown is the magnificent cathedral. The handsome structure is amazing to visit but a Harry Potter fan of the highest calibre would certainly recognise the towers of the cathedral as they were the design inspiration for Hogwarts. Durham is a great north eastern location and the Harry Potter connection  stands proudly aloft Durham, as it has done since 1083.


The designers of the Harry Potter sets used historic and recognisable icons to recreate a very british and proud feel to their movies. Take a trip to those locations and it opens up another side to the legend that is Harry Potter.

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