Au Revoir! That’s About All The French I Know

Emigrating to another country is a massive decision which includes a trip to the Post Office to leave yourself penniless renewing your passport just to show it to the “lovely” man at Customs. However, the decision to emigrate has many benefits socially, economically and in some circumstances politically.

If, like the majority of British citizens you wish for your surroundings to change; whether that be for you to swap your current lifestyle for one which is more exotic or simply that you fancy working in a different country, then moving abroad could be the answer. However there is lots to think about and it is important that you work out if it is right for you and your family before you take any drastic measures.

Best of British

Sadly, when you move from your country of origin, you will find that you will miss a lot of the traditions and forms of etiquette that you know and love from that country. If you are British for example, you might miss the simple quaint stereotypes such as sipping tea with your little finger pointed upwards or the joys of the bacon sandwich. However, this does not mean that you cannot take some of these traits with you and also you will have the joy of trying new things when you get to your new home so all is not lost; it might just seem different for a little while. Leaving families and loved ones is an upsetting event which most people do tend to avoid because of the blubbering and the whole “I miss you” situation which can be defined only as awkward. However, deep down, the understanding that the relatives have on your behalf and the excitement that you’re building a new life elsewhere is something that they really don’t want to interfere with.

Life away from home could alter your own habits as well. Because of a possible shift in climate, your habits towards clothing, the switch from shawl to shorts is something so simple but so important to you as impressions are important to the locals – so no kilts in Spain or the bulls will have you!

On the subject of impressions, getting to know the locals and their traditions is something that should be taken very seriously. If you are going to a party-based city such as Madrid or Ayia Napa then it is important that you embrace the culture so that you can be seen as accepted and can then settle down and fit in to the different, alternate society that you have personally decided to move to.

Keeping it Local

However, there are different types of emigration. People do emigrate but decide just to move to another part of that same county. People who live in a city for example tend to move to somewhere more accommodated with the countryside, like Yorkshire and other parts of the East of England. This is common as those who live in the city at some point become fed up with the high amount of traffic, congestion and annoying teenagers on their school holidays, rioting around the capital and so seek peace in the countryside.

A popular destination of emigration surprisingly is France. Interestingly, the French do tend to have similar traditions, morals and expectations of people deciding to move to their native country. Their exquisite cuisine in breakfast, lunch and dinner is enough to make any mouth water, not to mention their fabulous fashion taste and their love of romance and passion in relationships, literature and film.

Once you get attached to your hometown in can be almost impossible to leave and begin a new chapter in your life, but the attraction of a new culture or to simply seek a new climate and environment is something which can draw you away from what you know. Therefore moving to somewhere like France could bring great opportunities to you so it is something to think about.

Steven Capocci is a writer who understands why people wish to relocate to another country such as France. However, he recommends researching the price and plausibility of being able to sort removals for France, before you make any solid decisions to move.

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