Bermuda For Beginners

How can one possibly get by on an island whose formal attire includes men in shorts and whose laws preclude visitors from renting cars?  Speaking from experience, I can say you acclimate to the novel sight of grown-ups sporting knee socks (you get the sense they aren’t doing it for your amusement anyway).  And sans a car, you’ll find it’s actually fun to ride a scooter instead!

Bermuda has lighthouses to see, pink sand beaches to lie on, and a maritime museum to visit- all accessible on your scooter.  There’s also a zoo, an aquarium, and the fantastic Crystal Caves, if you’re up for some stalactite excitement.  After an island tour, enjoy a cold Ginger Beer or rum-based cocktail while you take in the views.

As you scoot about the island, you will assuredly notice the British influence- this is their territory, after all- but you may sense other cultures too.  There are many Portuguese-speaking descendants in Bermuda as well as African and Caribbean people who have brought their music and culinary tastes to this island in the Atlantic.

When you start feeling a wee bit peckish, it’s time to sample the local fare!  At dinner time, people tend to prefer a food & view combo that nicely wraps up a full day of island life.  Try Ocean Echo or Coconuts when you feel your evening headed in that direction.  By day The Spot is recommended for authentic Bermudian cuisine and camaraderie.

You don’t have to be adventurous to try Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy roadside caf? because the fish sandwich is a sure thing.  For snack time or dessert, The Dockyard Pastry Shop (formerly a British Naval Officer’s cottage) is the place to go whether you want scones and tea or quiche and coffee.  Then get back outside to walk it off in the crisp ocean air!

Bermuda has a subtropical climate that is fairly mild and occasionally warmed by the Gulf Stream.  Bermuda is surrounded by reefs and is blessed with good visibility for divers.  Feel free to get caught up in the underwater world of coral and color.  Just don’t inexplicably disappear into the Bermuda Triangle’s legendary trouble spot!

Many visitors find the Bermudan landscape and weather to be conducive to a jolly good game of golf.  There are several courses on Bermuda; hit the links at any of the following:

  • Belmont Hills Golf Course
  • Mid Ocean Club
  • Ocean View Golf Course
  • Riddell’s Bay Golf and Country Club
  • Turtle Hill Golf Club

Riddell’s is the oldest club on Bermuda, but it is only open to the public on the weekend.  Ocean View is just a nine hole course, and the Mid Ocean provides a challenging course.  Overall, golfers have a nice set of options on this small island.

Aside from golf, there are a handful of sports that are quite popular on Bermuda.  Cricket, rugby, soccer, fishing, and sailing are among the favorites for locals and visitors alike.  There is a long standing sailboat spectacle called the Newport-Bermuda Yacht Race that attracts serious competitors and ends with serious partying.

So what’s your favorite scooter route? And where did you end up buying those fabulous Bermuda shorts?

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