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Christmas is arguably the most joyous and festive time of the year. Christmas cheer is spread, family gatherings are held and presents are exchanged; it’s one of the highlights of the year. Christmas breaks provide the opportunity to enjoy a unique Christmas experience in different surroundings, whether that is in a different city or a different country. This article will take a look at 5 of the best and most exciting locations to enjoy a Christmas break.

1 – London

London is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world with millions visiting the city every year. Many of these tourists travel to the city to take part in London’s Christmas festivities which are amongst the finest in the world.

The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge is the ideal place to stay on a Christmas break in London. Extravagant decorations, trees and tinsel are put up all around the hotel, and the rooftop terrace is transformed into a special ‘winter cinema’ where guests can snuggle up with a blanket, eat some mince pies and drink a hot chocolate while enjoying Christmas classics on a big projector screen.[1]

Inside the city of London itself, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights are put up on every street with ice rinks scattered all throughout the city. Trafalgar Square is also transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with a huge Christmas tree that is flown in especially from Norway for the occasion.

Many of London’s department stores also set up Santa’s grottos, giving Children a chance to sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what they want for Christmas.

2 – Skiing in the Alps

There are fewer better ways to spend Christmas than skiing in the Alps. The days can be spent skiing up and down trails taking in the sights and sounds of the area, while evenings can be spent enjoying the nightlife or curling up in front of a fire with a hot drink.

There are many different locales to visit for a Christmas Ski break, but two of the best are the French town of ‘Brides Les Bains’ and the Swiss town of ‘Kandersteg’. Both of these towns receive a great deal of snow over the Christmas period, and they also have a number of other activities on offer including horse drawn sleigh rides, extravagant Christmas dinners in lush restaurants and Santa’s grottos.

3 – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is one of the most magical places on Earth, especially close to Christmas time. The park is transformed into a winter paradise, complete with snow and elves running around. Christmas lights, tinsel, baubles and other Christmas decorations are put up throughout the park, and a giant Christmas tree is hoisted into place in the main shopping area. [2]

The all famous Disney shows are also modified with added Christmas cheer, with Santa and his elves joining Mickey Mouse, Goofy and their pals on stage to put on regular Christmas shows.

The rides also run all throughout the Christmas period, meaning trips to Space Mountain and the Twilight Tower of Terror can still be enjoyed throughout the Christmas break.

4 – Beach breaks

Not everyone likes the cold. Some prefer warmer, tropical climates over ice and snow. A Christmas break spent at the beach would be perfect for those who prefer warm weather.

There are many different locations throughout the world to enjoy a beach break over Christmas, but few are able to top Thailand.

The islands of Koh Samui and Phuket are blessed with perfect weather over the Christmas period; the water is warm, the sun shines every day and the sandy beaches glisten with delight. Many of the resorts also get into the spirit of Christmas, putting up Christmas decorations and hosting delicious Christmas dinners.

Other locations for a Christmas beach break include Majorca, Fiji, Kenya and the Seychelles. Each of this location is blessed with ideal beach weather over the Christmas period.

5 – Lapland

There are fewer better places to enjoy a Christmas break than Lapland, the home of Father Christmas himself.

Located towards the North of Scandinavia, the snowy Christmas paradise of Lapland welcomes tens of thousands of guests to the region over the Christmas period.

A number of activities are on offer, including reindeer sleigh rides, visits to Santa’s cabin where children get the chance to meet Santa, snow activities such as tobogganing and sledding, and much more.

The hotels in Lapland also enjoy the Christmas spirit, putting on shows and hosting Christmas brunches that are sure to please even the most fussiest of eaters.


Christmas breaks give the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas experience away from home. Each of the 5 locales listed above wholeheartedly embrace the Christmas spirit, ensuring that visitors to the area get to make the most of their Christmas break.


Christmas breaks offer the chance to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas experience away from home. This article lists 5 of the best locations to enjoy a Christmas break.


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