Brisbane’s Four Best Events

Brisbane, like some of Australia’s largest cities, has famous fireworks displays and events all year round. Some of the most famous ones are Riverfire and the ‘EKKA.’ These events are really what gives Brisbane its stand-out personality, and it’s definitely worth planning your holiday around an event or two.

Riverfire Festival of Brisbane:


Brisbane’s ‘Riverfire’ is one of the largest firework spectacles that you will see, next to New Year’s Eve in Sydney. This event falls from the 8th of September to the 29th in 2012, but this is different each year. Not only are there fireworks here, but also a whole bunch of food and unique beverages. The event is held in the Southbank Parklands District, and the best place to go to view it is either the ‘Botanical Gardens’ or on the hills surrounding the city, like Highgate Hill with Dornoch Terrace (this offers the most outstanding views in my opinion).

New Year’s Eve in Brisbane:

New Year’s Event anywhere is going to be a great event. But if you want to head to Brisbane for it, then a little information couldn’t hurt. First up, if you’re looking for fireworks, Riverfire beats Brisbane’s New Year’s Eve, but not Sydney’s display (picture it as right in between the two). Secondly, if you’re looking for a club to go to for the evening, my personal favorite would be ‘Friday’s Riverside,’ which has a cover charge and dress standard; but it’s a classy and fun way to celebrate New Year’s. Third, all events are held around the river near the city, so that’s the hotspot for a good time. But overall, most places don’t publish New Year’s plans until the month of New Year’s, so if you’re really keen, look at last year’s plan for a guide.

The EKKA Brisbane Show:

This is one of the most famous events that Brisbane has on offer; it’s basically just a huge fair in Brisbane that lasts for about a week. In 2012 it went from Thursday 9 August 2012 to Saturday 18 August, and there’s even a public holiday on the 15th of August (in 2012, changing every year) so everyone in Brisbane can attend. I went last year, and let me just say, it is an experience that everyone should try at least once.

The Brisbane Boat Show:

For those who have a passion for boats, this event is huge. It is hosted over four days at Brisbane’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tourists flock to Brisbane from all over Australia to come and see this show; some taking their boats to show off and others coming see huge and fantastic vessels. There are also a whole range of prizes to be won ranging from smaller prizes like landscaping equipment to full day kayaking expeditions. Kids under 15 are free, normal concessions are $12 for students/normal concession and adults are $16.

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Tom Wilson has lived in and visited Brisbane for the past decade. As a result his knowledge of events in Brisbane allows him to pick and choose between the best the city has to offer.

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