De-stress your Airport Experience.

In 2011, a report commissioned to examine the impact of stress on the tourism industry found that, of the 2,000 holidaymakers questioned, 9 per cent said that the stress of the airport was enough to discourage them from flying altogether. Airport stress it seems, is considered to be worse than work or even moving house. Eventually however, because of business or a much needed holiday flying will be necessitated; so here’s some of the things happening around the world to make flying fun and Airport Experience again…

De-Stress Dogs

Dogs have many uses at airports. Sniffers make sure no restricted substances make their way into or out of a country, and patrol units guard the airport perimeter with a gnarly vigilance. And now, another kind of dog has made its way onto the terminal floor: the de-stress dog! You’ll be going from pat-downs to patting as these merry mutts are becoming increasingly popular in US airport terminals, as an answer to the pervasive seriousness attached to flying now there’s all this tightened airport security.

Therapy dogs have been used to bring smiles to the faces of stressed passengers whose flights may have been delayed and who may be feeling anxiety about stepping onto the aircraft. Every dog on the scheme is a volunteer, as is their owner and they both undergo special training to ensure no-one’s being bothered and that the dog is of the ideal temperament to take a good patting.


Yoga has stood the test of time as a way to distress. The number of practitioners has never been higher and many now recommend a good stretch as a way to de-stress amid the hustle and bustle of the airport lounge. Yoga Rooms are springing up in airports across the world and bringing a certain zen to passengers who’ve found the stress of the airport terminal to be cramping their style. With 18.61% of flights delayed by at least 15 minutes and 1 in every 50 flights being cancelled in 2013, we can understand the stress from afar. Yoga is a great solution for stress as you can easily squeeze a stretch into a 10 minute session, and there’s a nothing stopping you from turning that into an hour session – unless the plane’s about to leave of course!

Good Food and A Stiff Drink

Alcohol is a sure-fire way to interrupt that airport anxiety, by inhibiting the neuroreceptors responsible for restlessness and agitation. Likewise, a good meal releases endorphins and reduces blood pressure. When combined, these factors have the chemical capacity to make you feel great.

Expense is a problem, of course. And the limitations on substances allowed into airport terminals are effectively an unwritten obligation for you to buy food and drink at unashamedly inflated prices. Buying refreshment typically involves queuing for it, and queuing is an equally distressing prospect in an airport terminal – and the cycle of stress continues uninterrupted.

There is however, an alternative here that many people still aren’t aware of. The VIP airport lounge, despite the misconception of many, is an escape route that’s available to all, and is the sworn retreat for many a savvy passenger. Airports often have several lounges that, for a relatively small price, allow access to their facilities and as much food and alcohol as you dare to consume.

Booking in advance will save a few pennies, and if you believe that the average airport lounge guest will spend just over 30 during their lounge stay, there’s significant financial saving potential here too.

If you’re thinking of traveling to warmer climes but can’t handle the thought of airport travel, bear in mind these tips and hopefully you’ll be flying high with no sign of turbulence.

About the author: Ross is a freelance travel & sightseeing writer with over 10 years’ experience. His travels have taken him from the sandy shores of Blackpool to hustling on the streets of Lancaster.
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