Off To A Family Getaway! – Important Things To Prepare Before A Long Vacation Abroad

All your hard work for the past few years have finally paid off and now you and your family are about to embark on a new journey – a long vacation in an exotic Asian country. Exciting, isn’t it? The thought of leaving all your stress and worries behind, relaxing under the warm sun, enjoying the beach, visiting exciting places all day long, and trying some of their native dishes – heaven on earth!

There is one thing though that could mar the whole enjoyable experience and that is the thought of leaving your home behind and constantly thinking of its safety when you are abroad. You worry about electrical fire, and you also worry about burglars and intruders breaking into your home and stealing your things. These are normal fears that many people have when they go away on a long vacation; however, there are some things that you can do to prevent such incidents.

Preventing Electrical Fire

The most common causes of electrical fire include faulty circuit breakers and electrical outlets, overloaded outlets, misuse of extension cords, as well as cheap electrical products. Electrical fires can also be caused by wires that you have hidden under the rugs or forgotten paper placed on top of a lampshade, for example.

To prevent electrical fire, check and see if your house’s electrical system is in good working condition. See to it that the circuit breakers and the electrical outlets are in good condition and not defective. If you are going away for months, consume all your perishable food items so you will not have to use your freezer and refrigerator. It will be best, too, if you unplug all electrical appliances from the outlets.

Finally, you should also check your home’s gas system and make sure there are no loose fittings or defective pilot lights. Check for leaking valves as well, and see to it that there are no flammable materials near it.

Preventing Burglary and Break-Ins

If you have some items that you cannot take with you but cannot bear to leave at home, then why not look for a much safer place for them? You can leave it with a trusted family or friend. They can take care of it while you are gone, and when they go on a vacation, you can return the favor.

If the items are very valuable to leave unprotected, then get in touch with your local self-storage unit facilities. They have different-sized storage units that you can choose from and can perfectly provide a safe home for your valuables for a few months. According to a self-storage facility based in Utah, most units are fully equipped with security alarm systems as well as CCTV cameras, so you can be assured that your things are safe.

If you do not have extra money for renting a storage unit, then here are ways make your home seem lived in to deter burglars and intruders. One, ask a neighbor to empty your mailbox for you as well as collect any newsletters or newspapers from your driveway and front door. Two, you could also try installing timed lights that will switch itself on at scheduled hours. Three, make sure that your door locks and windows are in excellent condition.

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