Five Architecturally Ravishing Hotels From Around The World

A good hotel should have rooms that guests find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, with excellent room service and a convenient location. However, the structural, architectural design of the hotel itself is the key feature many people use to decide whether a hotel is worth the stay.

Five Beautifully Designed Hotels From Around The World

The Wynn, Las Vegas Nevada, by DeRuyter O. Butler

This tall, elegant, striped, slim, 50-story hotel brings a simple bit of high-class to the busy, bright, and overwhelming Las Vegas Strip. The Wynn offers six breathtaking villas for guests who want to enjoy pure, unbridled luxury and style. It is the most expensive hotel and casino ever built to date at $2.7 billion dollars. The architect behind this masterpiece co-owns the architectural firm Butler/Ashworth Ltd, LLC, which started-up in 2000.

Hotel Maques de Riscal, Spain, by Frank O. Gehry

The second Spanish masterpiece by Gehry, the Hotel Maques de Riscal is a sight to behold. This whimsical building features an indescribable form with unpredictable lines, color, and the most modern and contemporary of designs. The large hotel is home to 43 comfortable and modern suites, each uniquely designed with views of vineyards and the beautiful city below. The main restaurant boasts one coveted Michelin star. Guests can also enjoy a cooking school or wine cellar and bar.

Limes Hotel, Queensland, by Alexander Lotersztain

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For those who appreciate a hotel that is unusually designed both inside and out, the Limes Hotel in Queensland, Australia is a must-stay. With windows that take on the shape of abstract “paws” and a building line that is as straight as a distant, desert horizon, Lotersztain designed a hotel that will sing to architecture lovers everywhere.

Hotel Lone, Croatia, by Local Designers

2 architecturally ravishing hotelsHotel Lone, one of the renowned Design Hotels, was imagined -from top to bottom- by local professionals within the design industry. This marriage created a meshing of beautiful architecture with intriguing and fresh interior design. Nestled into the breathtaking Croatian wilderness, Hotel Lone is the perfect hotel for nature lovers and design fanatics alike.

The Four Seasons, New York City, by I.M. Pie

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The Four Seasons in Manhattan was designed with some of the most exhilarating views of the city skyline in mind. Located on 57th Street, guests are not only treated to strong architecture and elegant design, they are also in the middle of the world famous financial and shopping district. I.M Pei is a Pritzker prize-winning architect known for creating top of the line designs that are truly awe inducing. His other achievements include the Royal Gold Medal, Presidential Medal of Freedom, AIA Gold Medal, and the Twenty-Five Year Award.

Top Hotel Design

Hotels have been and always will be the buildings of choice for the best in commercial architect designs. As time goes on, guests can look forward to innovative and modern hotel design that will please the senses, no matter the destination.

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Gavin Jordan has a keen interest in hotel designs. He has travelled the globe to review top hotels to gather design ideas for large architect firms around the world.

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