Five Great Stops Around Lake Geneva

Five Great Stops Around Lake Geneva

You could drive around Lake Geneva in a day, but where’s the fun in that?  Flanked by stunning Alpine scenery and edged by charming villages and sophisticated towns, Lake Geneva (or Lac Leman, as the locals known it) is a Western European wonder ideal for some leisurely touring by rental car.    Here are a few stops you might consider on your lake tour:
Geneva is a breathtaking city with breathtakingly expensive shops.  Admire the selection of rare and exclusive cars parked outside the banks that line the lakeshore, and imagine how that ?10,000 Louis Vuitton luggage would look crammed into the overhead locker of your discount airline jet.  Then come back to the real world with a tour of the United Nations Building and a stroll around the delightful old walled part of the city.  The impressive Saint Peter’s Cathedral is well worth a look, and there is an abundance of large, luxurious parks and museums to relax in.
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Evian Les Bains
The towns that encircle Lake Geneva attract visitors for many reasons, but Evian Les Bains is the one true tourist resort.  Just over 40 km from Geneva, Evian has been showing other tourist towns how it’s done for two centuries.  This spa town on the lake shore has hosted celebrities and royalty from Kings Edward VII and George V of Britain to King Farouk of Egypt.  Famous for the curative properties of its thermal spas, Evian is a place to watch how the other half holidays.  Marvel at the clothes and cars, and then move on before you get too envious.
For a city on such a small scale, Switzerland’s Montreux punches far above its weight. The celebrated Montreux Jazz Festival has been packing them in every July since 1967, but that’s not the town’s only musical connection.  The band Deep Purple visited in 1971 to record a new album in the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording studio, but, the evening before recording was set to begin, a fan at a Frank Zappa concert set the venue on fire with a flare gun, and the ensuing blaze beside Lake Geneva inspired the song “Smoke on the Water.” Really.
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Vevey is a delightful town with a picturesque waterfront and a town square where you can great coffee and browse the fascinating photo museum and market.  The white wines are also exquisite, and it is worth filling up your car with purchases from the cellars here.  If you prefer chocolate to wine, you might appreciate the fact that milk chocolate was invented in Vevey, the international headquarters of Nestle.
Fans of silent movies should pay a visit to the Corsier sur Vevey graveyard, where Charlie Chaplin is buried.  Chaplin moved to Vevey in 1953, and Manoir de Ban, his 37-acre estate overlooking Lake Geneva is now a luxury hotel.
Part of the charm of Lausanne the second-biggest city on the shores of  Lake Geneva, is the way it rises and falls over three hills.  The sloping streets are delightful, although your legs may ache a little before long!  City centre shopping is largely on pedestrian streets, with boutiques and chain stores offering a good mix.   Stalls line the streets on Wednesday and Saturday for market days.  Lausanne is the home of the International Olympic Committee, and the Olympic Museum makes for a fascinating half-day tour.

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