How To Get Better Hotel Service In 24 Hours

First impressions can go a long way, and this certainly applies to hotels. The appearance and cleanliness of a room can determine whether a guest will be a repeat visitor to the hotel. Housekeepers hold most of the responsibility for how a room looks when you walk into it. The cleaning staff, however, is often under-appreciated and forced to put up with a lot.

While she puts on a smiling face and appears to be at utter peace with anything she finds, the truth is – she is routinely horrified and shocked by things that greet her when she turns the key. Here is a sneak peek into the kinds of things a hotel housekeeper may have to deal with on a daily basis, and some advice for you, courtesy of her vast experience.

Quality hotels are going to offer great hotel service no matter what, but there are times when we all end up in a place that doesn’t care if you come back. If you are going to stay longer than one night, we have some great tips that will help you and your hotel maid stay on terrific terms and get you better service the next night than you would have otherwise.

1. Unexpected check-ins

Housekeepers may have anywhere from 15 to 30 rooms that they are responsible for cleaning during a shift. If you show up and try to check in early, don’t be surprised if your room isn’t ready. After all, housekeepers have an entire work day to clean and prepare those rooms. And cleaning a room for a new guest takes more effort and time than cleaning a room for a guest who is staying another night. The hotel sets a check-in time in order to give their employees time to get the job done. If you want your room done well, give them time to do the job.

2. Clean linen requests

Sheets are cleaned daily, which is good since they could have been soiled by just about anything previously. However, blankets and bedspreads may only get washed once a week or month, respectively. So when you check in, you may want to make sure to ask for clean blankets if you wonder what might have been happening with prior occupants.

3. Poor tips

Maids deal with a lot and get paid only minimum wage. Those large mattresses and fluffy pillows are hard on their backs, and they have to work around extra obstacles when you stay more than one night. So if they do a good job, make sure to leave a tip to show your appreciation. Your tip will not only ensure a really nice sprucing up for the next night, but it also just might make up for the next guy’s drunken messes or the room down the hall with baby spit-up and dog hair. Everyone needs a little sanity in their life.

4. Messy guests

Housekeeping staff often have to deal with disgusting things. Imagine what they must find in the trash, not to mention the gobs of hair in the bathroom sink or tub. Housekeepers see it all. After all, they clean the toilets, which are sometimes left unflushed. If you wouldn’t want to clean it up yourself, what makes you think that someone else wants to clean up after you? Some things are hard to avoid, but you can do your part to help make a housekeeper’s life a bit easier. Don’t be gross and make your room a nightmare on Elm Street, clean up your grossies and find the service staff likes to serve you.

5. Disrespectful guests

You put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and expect the housekeeper to respect your privacy. Well, housekeepers want to be respected too. Unless the housekeeper is blatantly rude or mean for no reason, cut her some slack and don’t get mad if she doesn’t come running the second you ask for something. And don’t go hitting on the maid, even if she is cute. She really does get enough of that kind of thing from other guests, and she doesn’t want it from you.

Housekeepers deal with more than one might think. A lot of times they are working in the background and not given any attention unless someone is in need of something, but hotels rely on these hard workers to help make their businesses successful.


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Paul Moore is quite familiar with the woes of guests and service workers alike through his travels and work with Hyatt House in Minot ND. He encourages mutual admiration and cooperation.

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