If Travelling With Your Bike, Keep It Safe And Secure!

For some people, going for a vacation or even a weekend away without their beloved motorcycle is a nightmare. Such are the people who ferry their bikes from one state to another using enclosed motorcycle trailers or even open ones so as to keep their bikes safe and secure. However, having a trailer is not enough. If you do not secure your motorcycle well enough in the trailer, it might end up getting damaged or in a worst case scenario, you might actually see it on the road having fallen off the trailer. To avoid this, follow these easy steps to help secure your motorcycle to a trailer.

i. Equipment: You do not require a lot of securing equipment in this regards. Simply, get a proper front wheel choke. This you can ask for from your dealer as they normally stock them. You also need ratchet straps. Ensure they are firm and strong so that they do not end up in pieces.Finally, you need a trailer. If you have not already bought one, then you can go out shopping for any of your choice. Do not rely on hearsay when it comes to these, they are not that expensive. Visit your local trailer dealer or go online and you are sure to find bargains. You might also need an assistant depending on how heavy your motorcycle is to help you lift it off the ground onto the trailer.

ii. Loading: Lift the motorcycle with the front part coming up first, if you put the rear wheels first, then you will have a hard time tying it in. Make sure you have placed the front wheel on the wheel choke. After this take your ratchet straps and tie them round and round the front part. Secure the ends to the wall of your trailer ensuring that the machine cannot move from side to side. Once you are done, push the wheel further into the choke to ensure that even if you brake or go through rough terrain, the motorcycle will still be intact.

iii. Transportation: Checking whether everything is okay while on the road is easy if you have an open trailer. You can simply look at your rearview mirror and see if the motorcycle is okay. If you have a box car trailer then you will need to pullover and inspect the inside of the trailer to ensure that everything is fine. This is important for the first 20 miles or so in order to avoid any accidents. When driving with a trailer hooked up in the back, it is important to keep the following in mind.

  • Make sure to drive in a straight line and ensure that your trailer is always in the right positioning.
  • If possible, use highways to your destination instead of two way roads.
  • Take wide turns bearing in mind that a trailer is not like a small car.
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