Incredible World Wide Destinations For Equestrian Holidays

Whether you are a beginner looking to try something new or an experienced rider searching for exhilaration and excitement on horseback, there are some fantastic equestrian holiday destinations to be found worldwide for all ages, interests and abilities.

UK destinations

There are some fabulous horse-riding vacations to be had in the UK, with wonderful expanses of countryside and awe-inspiring English Heritage sites to visit and explore. From the breathtaking scenery of the magnificent Yorkshire Dales to the historic experiences found within Sherwood Forest, there is an equestrian break to suit all tastes. The Lake District offers some superb beach and fell rides and western Cumbria is simply stunning where the mountains meet the sea. Most UK horse-riding destinations provide quality accommodation and excellent stabling and grazing facilities for your four-legged friend. Horse hire is also widely available and all day riding tours for beginners and experienced riders alike are highly enjoyable. For more Equestrian Holidays ideas, check out

Loire Valley, France

The beautiful Loire Valley in France is a must for those seeking a relaxing yet exciting horse-riding experience. Ride along the riverbanks and canter from castle to castle to view the astounding French architecture of these striking chateaus. With numerous cultivated gardens to enjoy and glorious vineyards where wine-tasting is greatly encouraged, this wonderful destination has thousands of trails and bridleways for a unique and picturesque holiday on horseback. For more information on the Loire Valley and the equestrian facilities on offer, visit

Andalucia, Spain

From luscious forests and sprawling countryside to seemingly endless stretches of sandy beaches, there is much to be said of an equestrian holiday to the rich terrain of Andalucia. The brilliant Jerez Royal Equestrian School can be found in this region, and some spectacular activities and riding programmes are easily accessible such as show-jumping and dressage techniques. With miles of horse-riding trails to explore, it is easy to get lost with the wind in your hair and the spray from the sea in your face. The woodland trails are magnificent and wildlife can be found in abundance within the Barbate Nature Park where cliffs stand proud and ancient Roman roads can be followed.

Kenya, Africa

For a fabulous horse-riding adventure vacation, opt for an African safari. With world-renowned game reserves such as the Tsavo National Park and the Maasai Mara game reserve offering horse-riding across the open plains and guided tours to see the Big Five game animals, this is an experience not to be missed. The tour guides are second to none and game rides are always accompanied by Land Rover patrols for your safety and security. Accommodations include cosy log cabins and superb lodges featuring authentic African cuisine and panoramic views of the breathtaking surroundings. There is simply no better way to experience an African safari than by horseback. Visit for other fantastic adventure destinations in and around Africa.

The Rocky Mountains, USA

The Rocky Mountains span the length of North America from New Mexico to Canada and offer stunning landscapes unlike anywhere else on the planet, especially when seen whilst riding a horse across the splendid terrain. With plenty of trails and bridleways and many guided tours readily available, a horse-riding vacation to this glorious region will be both action-packed and eternally memorable. Explore the Banff National Park in Canada or take in the mesmerizing views of Yellowstone National Park in the US as you gallop through the wide open plains. Opportunities to experience Western life on a working ranch are plentiful and provide a unique insight into the culture and history of the Wild West. Visit for more details.

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