Information You Need To Know About Taxi Services In London

There are hundreds of taxi services within the London region. Knowing all the information about the taxi firms can be quite overwhelming. This article aims to let you know exactly what you should be looking out for.
Even though taking a taxi from Slough to Heathrow is a short journey. It can be quite expensive if you don’t take the right precautions.

Booking Fee

Often times if you call and make an order through taxi firm online you may be liable to an additional fee. This is often an extra ?2 on top of what you’re already going to be paying. This is a lot of money when all you’re doing is showing an interest in getting a taxi. Try and find a taxi firm that doesn’t do this by private hire and ask to see what charges you might incur.

Another thing to look out for is taxis services that accept credit cards and then charge you a surplus amount. This amount can range from 10% to 15% and can add up if left unchecked. You should make sure that you are not left in the dark about this information and are always considering if that’s a fair price to pay. Slough to Heathrow is not a long journey and normally takes around 15-20 minutes so paying so much extra is not necessary.

Tipping Isn’t Necessary

Many people leave tips in taxis due to the fact they see it as common courtesy. However this practice is not necessary nor is it mandatory. Never feel pressured into giving a tip. On the other hand if the taxi driver has given you a pleasant ride and made it enjoyable then a tip from 10% – 20% is acceptable.

Getting A Car Can be Hard At Peak Times

Getting a cab in London is not a good idea if it’s at peak times. There will be plenty of other people queuing up and there is not always going to be enough to go round. If you are unprepared then this can leave you with a lot of hassle.

One way to get around this is to hire a private taxi for your destination. Not only will you have a designated driver, you won’t have to wait in the rush hour Que. One benefit of private hire taxis is that they are often cheaper than black cabs on any journeys over 10 minutes.

Watch For Unlicensed Drivers

Due to the frenzy of people that get out at Heathrow airport, there are many opportunists that see potential gain. These people are called unlicensed drivers and are illegally on the roads without the council’s permission. You should try and avoid them at all costs and ensure that you see the ‘Transport for London’ License disk.

Taking the right safety precautions here will ensure you are not placed in any unwanted danger. It will also mean that you won’t get over charger or get poorer service than expected. If you get a bad vibe then take the initiative and try a different taxi or a private hire one, at least then you know you’ll get professional service.

By Sohail Ali. Sohail is the head Heathrow to Slough bookings manager at Beaumont Windsor Taxis. Sohail provides useful travelling information around the London area. Please follow this post to receive more updates.

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