Leave the Backpack at Home – How to Travel the World in Luxury

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Round the world trips are no longer the preserve of the backpacking gap year student, slumming it with the natives and making their underwear last a week before hand washing it a youth hostel sink. So for those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, and who have the disposable income to match, we examine some of the options for travelling the world in luxury.

Cruise Ships

Cruise holidays have gradually increased in popularity since the 1980s, with cruise line operators building increasingly large and luxurious ships catering for all tastes and ages.

The 21st century has seen an increase in “megaship” cruise liners, offering a more informal cruising experience catering for the younger family market. While these floating behemoths offer every facility from water slides to fast food joints, the more discerning traveller may blanch at the thought of travelling the seven seas on an ocean going theme park.

Well, fear not dear traveller, for those of you seeking luxury, there are several cruise lines offering 6 star luxurious smaller ships travelling to some of the world’s most exotic locations. It’s even possible to explore the frozen Arctic and Antarctica while experiencing gourmet dining and retiring to a stylish stateroom every night. Imagine sipping cocktails on the balcony, served by a butler of course, while watching icebergs float past. Makes you wonder why Ranulph Fiennes even straps on his snow shoes.

Private Jet

You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister to travel the world by private jet, though it helps. But for those for whom money is no object, we’re thinking Euro millions jackpot winners or hedge fund managers, the joys of budget airline travel can be consigned firmly to the past.

For the truly pampered, it is possible to book a place on an exclusive expedition travelling the world on a Boeing 757. A private chef ensures that in flight food is edible, while playing “spot the suitcase” at the carousel is no longer necessary with staff available to carry your luggage.

Hot Air Balloon

While you probably wouldn’t want to spend five weeks in a balloon exploring the world as if you were in a Jules Verne novel, it is possible to explore parts of the world in a luxury balloon owned by the Krug champagne house. The Krug balloons have sumptuous white leather lined baskets that seat eight people. What better way to discover the stunning scenery of Tuscany or the sights of Tokyo than floating above sea-level in the Krug balloon while your butler serves you a gourmet meal complete with the eponymous champagne?


For those of you who still want to pretend that you’re travelling the world and roughing it, yet can’t quite handle the hostels and the whole backpacking experience, there’s always glamping. Exploring the Moroccan desert and sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean that you have to forsake your luxuries. Glamping tents come complete with double beds and western toilets and showers. In fact it’s possible to glamp your way around the world, staying in luxury tents, yurts lodges or converted airstream caravans. On second thoughts, who are you trying to kid that you’re roughing it round the world like you did on your gap year?

Do you have a dream method of travelling round the world, or have you travelled the world in style? Let us know; leave your comments below.

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