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Many cruises operate on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and frequently stop at the islands on route. Malta is one of the most popular island tourist destinations in Europe and many cruise ships allow their passengers a day to visit the island. There are numerous Malta excursions that one can enjoy but you need to be clever in the one you choose. Malta has much to offer and so much to see, and a day on the island is sometime not enough time to see everything. In this interesting and informative article, we are going to look at the top three daily excursions that one can enjoy in Malta that have received great reviews from many travellers.

3 Top Daily Excursions In Malta

The natural sites

If you want to totally relax and take in the natural sites of Malta, then a day exploring all of the amazing beaches on the island is for you. Malta is known to have some of the most spectacular beaches with pristine sand and azure waters. Laze in the sunshine, have a delicious lunch at one of the seaside restaurants and enjoy a swim in the warm, tranquil waters. If you are feeling a bit more energetic and adventurous, one of the most popular daily excursions in Malta is exploring the many grottos along the sheer cliffs. The Blue Grotto is the most popular and the luminous waters can be discovered by kayak. Malta also boasts unique cliffs that are perfect for a day of rock climbing. All three of these Malta excursions can be done in a day and are perfect for a quick stopover on the beautiful island.

Historical and cultural sites

Malta has an immense history, 7000 years to be exact and if culture and historical attractions is what you are after, then a daily excursion of the cultural highlights is in order. Visit incredible cathedrals that offer a peek into the religious history of Malta, including St. John’s Co. Cathedral, the church of the order and also home to Caravaggio’s masterpiece “Beheading of St. John”. Many excursions recommend visiting the unique and ancient temples on the island. On your daily excursion, make sure to visit the Hagar Qim Temple which is particularly appealing as it has the largest and heaviest megaliths out of all the temple sites around the Maltese Islands.

Wine tasting tours

If you have had enough of the sun and sea and want to do something totally different, then how about a daily excursion spent sampling delectable wines and cheeses in the picturesque countryside of Malta? Indulging in a wine tour among the many other daily excursions on offer, is the perfect way of sampling the culture of the island. You will learn about the wine farmed, as well as many of their cuisine specialities. Definitely one of the daily Malta excursions to consider.

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  • Zubi Travel

    Malta is great, I have a friend that had a quick trip there a few months ago and found it lovely.
    I recommend spending your time visiting the natural sites, they are truly worth it.