Pick Your Travel Partner (Very) Wisely

So you’ve decided to go abroad, that’s fantastic! Travelling is one of the most important things you will do in your life. It keeps you open-minded, culturally aware, and introduces you to new and interesting people you would have never met otherwise. I’ve always said that the best way to travel is with a friend. But, it’s important to get the facts you need to know about your travel buddy before you book that plane ticket. Choosing to travel with the wrong person can ruin your vacay faster than a wicked hangover and bad sunburn.

Travelling With a Love Interest Can Be Dangerous

There are worse things than travelling with someone that you just kinda get sick of being around. While it may sound romantic, running off together with someone you just met to spend a weekend alone in the woods is not the best (or safest) idea. Someone can always be putting their best foot forward when you first meet, in order to get you alone in an isolated area where they could possibly try and attack.

Travelling With Someone You Don’t Like Can Also Be Dangerous

I’m not talking about the kind of travelling where you’re being chauffeured around and staying at a five star resort, I’m talking about the kind of travelling where you’re hoofing it around by bus and on foot, carrying backpacks and staying in grungy hostels. When you’re traveling like this, circumstances can sometimes get stressful. To add fuel to the fire, being stuck with the same person day in and day out can wear down your nerves faster than you might think.

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling with friends, someone you’re dating, or even a buddy that you met on the road. It’s important to be compatible with your travel companion. For example, if you’re a micro-planner, and the other person is a loosey goosey wanderer, you’re going to drive each other nuts.

How Can You Learn More About Your Travel Partner?

The fact is, you need to know everything you can about the person you’re going to travel with in order to know if it’s a good fit. Spending 24/7 with the same person is really hard, and if they have hidden issues, or skeletons in the closet, it could potentially be a game changer for your trip.

You need to be able to dig deeper into someone’s past but if you want to avoid asking the awkwardly personal questions required to do so, consider performing a public records search on them! See if the person you’re about to be attached at the hip to has ever been arrested for assault, gotten a DUI, or been charged with petty theft. You really don’t want to wait until you’re on the road to find out that your travel buddy is a violent, alcoholic, thief. That would be bad.

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