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British culture cannot be easily defined. However, there are certain aspects of daily life in Britain that stand out as quintaessentially British. And what best place than the UK’s capital to find out about British culture? What follows are some ideas that tourists can incorporate into their to-do lists during their next visit to the city.

1 – Catch some sun at one of London’s parks

Those who are lucky enough to visit London during the summer months will surely realise how fond British people are of the sun and of their local parks. Almost every green space in the city fills up with families, students, couples, and of course, tourists, who take advantage of the sunny weather. The parks in London are ideal to set up a picnic, doze off after an afternoon meal, or just chill out while reading a book or planning your next destination.

The most popular parks in central London are Hyde Park, St James, and Regent’s Park, but other less well-known parks are also worth a visit. This is the case of Alexandra Park, in north London, from where great views of the capital’s skyline can be had.

2 – Go to the races at Ascot


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Horse racing has been taking place at Ascot for the past 300 years. Ascot is synonymous with glamour, and as such, it is an opportunity to observe the quintaessentially British sense of fashion. The dress code at the races requires that both ladies and gentlemen wear a hat, and in this respect, the sky is the limit – sometimes almost literally.

The horse racing season runs between May and October, although the most prestigious events (the Gold Cup and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes) take place in June and July. Ascot is 28 miles away from London and can be reached by train in less than 1 hour.

3 – Have a full English breakfast


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Most hotels will serve the traditional British breakfast, which consists of eggs, sausage, baked beans, bacon, toast, hashbrowns, grilled tomatoes, and in some cases, black pudding. Tea always accompanies an English breakfast.

4 – Have an afternoon tea at a tea room

If there is something that defines Britishness, that has to be tea. Of course, an afternoon tea is about much more than just the tea, as originally a “high tea” was a meal in itself – a collection of delicious finger foods and pastries. There are several London hotels that serve an exquisite selection of quality teas, finger sandwiches, freshly-baked scones, and other sweet and savoury treats. We recommend Claridge’s and the one of London’s best understated luxury 5 star hotel the Connaught.

5 – Enjoy a pint at a London pub

Pubs serve a social function in British society, and most after-work meetings are held over a pint of draught. Typically, beer is served in 16oz glasses, and the most popular choices are Fullers, Stella, and Foster’s. While you are there, why not take part in a typical pub quiz? There are over 7,000 pubs in London, so choice will not be a problem, but some of the best traditional “Ye Olde” style pubs include The Ship Tavern, the Three Stags, and the Lamb & Flag.

Some of the points listed above may in fact sound as stereotypes, so why not take the opportunity to see by yourself to which extent they are applicable? Taking part in some of these activities can help you gain a better understanding of life and culture in the UK.

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