Safety Tips For Backpacking Around Africa

Long before committing to the expectations of a relatively normal life, many young adults will strike out on their own, and put forth their best effort to see the world and all it has to offer.

Although this experience is certainly not limited to the young care free, they tend to have no issues with exploration on a tight budget. Most of these eager travelers choose backpacking as their preferred method of travel. This inexpensive method of seeing the sights may come with its risks, but common sense and a few simple guidelines will go a long way.

Africa is a popular destination for experienced travelers setting out on foot. For amateurs however, attempting this Continent as a first time out is not recommended by many, but it’s certainly not discouraged.

Overall safety is a good place to start when planning a trip of this magnitude.


Depending on what specific regions are to be visited, language can be an issue. English speaking tourists passing through South Africa will have little difficulty. In certain areas however, other languages may be preferred. If it’s not your first language, a fundamental knowledge of French will always come in handy.

Traveling At Night

Traveling at night in Africa, no matter where you might find yourself, is discouraged. This is common sense for the most part, but the tip should not be taken lightly. Do your traveling during the day, and settle in during the evenings. If you are in a populated area and need transportation, use a cab. Otherwise, bunk down and get a comfortable rest.

Take It Easy With The Bling

There is no cause to invite the possibility of theft. If you absolutely must bring jewelry with you, don’t make a point of showing it off. When you are at all exposed to the public, stash you camera, watch, gold chains, and anything else that might seem a bit flashy. This is really a good idea no matter where a person is traveling.

Safes Are Not Safe

On those evenings when you should decide to stay in a hotel, don’t assume that putting your valuables in their care will ensure their safety. When traveling in Africa, your best bet is to keep things close to you, and don’t let them out of your sight. Don’t use hotel safes.

Use Money Belts And Fanny Packs

Put valuables like cash, travelers checks, and passports in a money belt secured tightly around your waist. If you should start daydreaming in a busy market, odds are that the belt will remain safe. Carry cash that you intend to use that day, in a wallet in your front pocket, or in a fanny pack.

If you’re unfortunate enough to lose this money, it doesn’t represent your entire budget. Traveling through Africa can be a wonderful experience. Certainly there is crime, but there is crime no matter where you might find yourself. Use caution and common sense. It will certainly get you where you’re going every time.

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