Spa Vacation For Singles

Getting pampered isn’t just for celebrities. Single men and women like to indulge, too — often in the form of relaxing spa vacations that treat them to several days of rest and relaxation.
If you’re a single in search of a true getaway where the only thing on your agenda might be the next spa treatment, then our helpful tips will get you where you want to go. From fitness-oriented retreats to those that focus more on spa services, there is something for every kind of single traveler.
Why a Spa Vacation?
Other types of vacations you have taken might have been more about going out on the town, partying and feeling exhausted every morning. With a spa vacation, you get a chance to renew your mind and body — and actually do something good for yourself.
For anyone who has a stressful job or other responsibilities, a spa retreat is the perfect way to let go of the old and welcome in the new. You can return home refreshed and ready to tackle your life with new energy, perhaps even learning some relaxation strategies to help you throughout your busy days.
Types of Spa Vacations
Fitness spas incorporate fitness activities into your stay, such as running, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, t’ai chi and stretching. Weight-loss-oriented spa vacations focus on helping you drop the pounds while teaching you healthy habits to maintain your weight or lose more when you get back home.
You also can find spas that include meditation for that mind/body/spirit connection. At New York’s Quintessentials B and B Spa, for example, you’ll get the bed-and-breakfast experience combined with an on-site full-service spa, in-room fireplaces, whirlpool baths, private decks, gourmet meals, an Asian tea house and a meditation garden. If you’re interested in exploring the area, you’ll be within walking distance to beaches, farms, tennis and golf. While this location is not specifically focused on singles, it will provide a relaxing atmosphere and multiple amenities if you want to spend time on your own.
What to Expect
Taking your vacation on your own doesn’t mean you have to be all by yourself during your stay. You can make it as social as you want!
When you’re done enjoying a facial, a body wrap, mud baths, steam rooms, skin treatments, massages and any number of other spa services, you can mix and mingle with other singles if you choose. Nutrition and cooking classes, spa-hosted mixers and other activities give you a chance to connect with other like-minded singles who, like you, want to look and feel fabulous.
How to Find a Spa Vacation is a great starting point for finding spa resorts around the world. You can find one close to home or travel abroad, depending on your tastes and budget.
When you find a few that interest you, call to get more details. Since you are interested in vacationing as a single, you might want to ask what programs and activities the resort offers for singles like you.
Your local travel agent also can help you find great deals on packages and discounts for booking early. Ask about off-season specials and any discounts for combining airfare and accommodations in your itinerary.
Why not make a spa resort your next destination of choice? Plenty of pampering awaits for singles who are ready to enrich their minds and bodies while experiencing a whole new type of vacation.

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