The ABC’s Of A Smoking Vacation

Planning a vacation can be difficult.  Once you manage to schedule time away from all your normal responsibilities, you are faced with the challenge of uncovering the best deals possible for travel and accommodations.  Then, when you finally reach your destination, you have a very short period of time to become familiar with the lay of the land, and by the time you finally get to know the area, you’re on your way back home. That’s why it’s important that your time spent on holiday is as enjoyable as possible. If you are like many marijuana enthusiasts who plan to enjoy smoking on your trip, it’s important that you select a destination that legally permits it, and that you familiarize yourself with great locations for smokers before you embark on your journey.


If you’re looking to smoke up in the middle of a natural landscape, Australia is the place for you. Whether it’s Brisbane, Sydney, or any other spot on the continent; Australia is full of natural beauty. Ideal for warm weather smoking vacation, Australia is home to amazing beaches, epic mountain ranges, and of course, the outback. While you’re there, you can check out the wildlife, ride down the rivers, or taste the local cuisine.

Since Australia’s drug policy is different from that of the U.S., you’ll be able to enjoy smoking marijuana in most parts of the continent.  Make sure you check ahead to guarantee the area you are in has relaxed regulations. Once that’s established, you can use your favorite bowl or portable vaporizer to enjoy smoking in the beautiful natural Australian landscape.  Also, there are some amazing music festivals in Australia throughout the summer, so try to catch one to see some of your favorite acts and even discover some brand new ones!


Hiking around Europe is a dream vacation for many. Part of the problem is establishing what the local customs are in each country as you travel about. While many countries in Europe have criminalized cannibus, Belgium is much more accepting. Provided you are over eighteen and not smoking in public, marijuana use is legal while you vacation there. Europe is an amazing setting for marijuana enthusiasts, as there are so many historical sites and pieces of artwork to view, and amazing dishes to taste. While in Belgium, you’ll want to sample the chocolate, drink the beer, and explore the countryside.  There are plenty of museums to check out in Brussels alone.  And like Australia, Belgium is home to some amazing shows, such as the annual Graspop festival.


If South America is your destination of choice, Colombia is the place to go for smokers. Pack your portable vaporizer, passport, and an outlet converter and you’re on your way. Colombia has cleaned up quite a bit over the past decade, and relaxed marijuana laws have replaced the shadow of Pablo Escobar and the hard drugs he trafficked.  The cities of Colombia each have a unique flavor, but all are excellent places to enjoy yourself with marijuana.San Gil hosts a variety of adventure sports for affordable prices, such as white water rafting, paragliding, or horseback riding.  If you’re more interested in the water, you can scuba dive in Taganga. Or you can bike around Bogota during your stay, and explore the native culture in the various museums present.

Have you ever been on a vacation to a destination where smoking is legal? Now is the perfect time to start planning your next trip to these smoker-friendly countries.

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