The best river cruises for 2013

Many people automatically think of big ocean liners when they think of cruises, but river cruises have been enjoying increasing popularity in recent years. The smaller ship sizes of vessels used on river cruises means less passengers, so those who like to spend their leisure time in more intimate surroundings will appreciate the more personal ambiance of a river cruise. In the past, river cruises were frequently limited to gambling expeditions on the Mississippi River. These days, however, top-quality river cruises are now found in many parts of the world. Here are five river cruise journeys for adventurous travellers to consider.

Columbia River Cruises

The Columbia River between Oregon and Washington is an excellent river for small boats. The scenery throughout the Columbia Gorge is magnificent, and autumn is a gorgeous time in the Pacific Northwest. Passengers will dine on fresh, regional cuisine such as Columbia River Chinook salmon, desserts made with the famous Hood River apples and hazelnuts. The small ships that cruise this river usually carry between 12 and 60 passengers.

The Blue Danube

Discriminating travellers put cruising up the blue Danube high on their bucket lists. The remnants of ancient civilization are highly visible from the decks of the ships, and ports of call include some of Europe’s oldest cities. Travellers can see castles and experience authentic eastern European cuisine while floating through the waters of the Danube in luxury.

Amazon River Cruises

Adventurous travellers frequently include Amazon River explorations among their destinations. The Amazon is the world’s largest river and contains a vast ecosystem that includes a stunning variety of plant and animal life. Many Amazon cruises offer the extra feature of explorations on skiffs to areas that can’t be reached by the cruise ship. Passengers can easily view local villages, indigenous people, colorful native wildlife and vibrant, fascinating flora. Cruises are available in both the lower and the upper Amazon River.

River Cruises in Australia

Australia’s Murray River makes an excellent cruising option with its abundance of aquatic and riparian wildlife. Unlike some other river cruise choices, Murray River cruises are available on a year-round basis. Most of the boats used on this river are Paddle Steamers, which provide passengers with the ambiance of a by-gone era. The boats are equipped to carry between 20 to 130 passengers, ensuring an intimate experience for everyone on board. Even during the winter, daytime temperatures on this river can be warm, so good weather is almost always assured for those who enjoy the sun.

River Cruising in Africa

Luxury river cruises are an excellent way to see the African countryside. Cruisers enjoying the Mekong River get to view herds of zebras on the shore as well as lions, elephants and other native wild animals. Safari cruises wind through parts of Africa most densely populate with wild animals. The scenery, of course, is unforgettable and fascinating. Many of the sights that can be seen while cruising the Mekong River have been largely untouched by human civilization and remain as they were centuries ago

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