The Most Amazing Adventure Experiences That Anyone Can Enjoy

For many of us, life isn’t exactly action packed. If you are like the vast majority of your contemporaries that is, then you will probably spend most of your time sat either in front of a computer in an office, or in front of a television at home. It’s times like this you might catch yourself longingly watching films like Indiana Jones, or famous personalities like Richard Branson – prepped as he is to commercialise space flight – and feel somewhat dull in comparison.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Adventure is something that’s available to everyone, not just the celebrities with heaps of cash or the fictional heroes fighting criminal masterminds. If you’re hungering for a bit more adrenaline and action for yourself this year, then read on to see some of the best adventure days and experiences available to you right now.

Hot Air Balloon

Fly Me to the Moon, by way of a Hot Air Balloon

There’s something terrifying about the idea of flying miles high and being kept there by nothing more than a big balloon and the heat coming off of a torch, but that’s what makes riding a hot air balloon so amazing and exciting. At the same time it’s also a great way to enjoy some truly amazing views, and to enjoy some romantic alone time with that special someone.

Scuba Diving

It’s a well-known fact that we know ‘less about the ocean floor than the surface of the moon’, but when you actually see how strange and unusual this landscape is you’ll certainly be able to believe it. Scuba diving gives you a perfect opportunity to explore this strange world, to encounter beautiful sea creatures, and to get some truly unusual photographs while you’re down there.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is something that really evokes the spirit of adventure found in the movies and books. Not only will you feel like a hero upon your steed, but you’ll also of course get to learn the basics of a new skill and explore the area. There are many great trails you can traverse on horseback, and all of them are that much more exciting when experienced this way.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing might sound like something you’d need to be very fit for, but actually there are plenty of classes for beginners and the ropes and harnesses mean it’s perfectly safe even if you aren’t Sly Stallone. And when you do reach the top – you’ll have really earned that incredible view.


If rock climbing does require more upper body strength than you have to give, then zorbing may be more your style. Here you require no skills other than a strong stomach as you’re put inside a transparent ball and left to roll down a huge hill. It’s fast and dizzying, but by the end of it you’ll be raring for another go.


Stargazing might not sound action packed, but if adventure to you means discovery then there are few more amazing feelings that looking up at the sky and seeing Saturn’s rings or the surface of the moon. When you look up at the stars you’re seeing across the cosmos to objects light years away and in some cases millions of years into the past. Look for a Newtonian reflector telescope and you can do this all relatively cheaply.


Perhaps you have never had much of an affinity for Indiana Jones and have instead set your sights higher – to Superman or Iron Man. Well for those who dream of flight, this is something that’s actually possible too – using the relatively new Jetlev which enables you to ‘fly’ over the water using jets that come out of your hands and feet.

Bungee Jumping


Why fly when you can plummet? While skydiving is a little impractical for many people due to the restrictive price, bungee jumping is something you can do surprisingly cheaply but that will provide you with all the same sense of amazing thrill and fear. You’ll rarely feel so alive as when you’re standing at the top.


If you’d rather feel like a superhero on land rather than on the water, then powerisers can turn you into the bionic man – helping you stand several feet taller and giving you the ability to run at 30 miles an hour and flip over cars – once you get good that is.

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