The Most Scenic Routes around Europe

Taking a road trip provides travellers with some of the most scenic and breathtaking views around. If you’re enthusiastic about driving, Europe is host to a large variety of outstanding roads and winding mountain paths to explore either alone or with your nearest and dearest. Here we take a look at some of the most superb locations and ideal routes to experience the freedom of the open road and its liberating atmosphere.

Alpine Road – Germany

Alpine Road is one of the classic European drives along the edge of the Bavarian Alps. Its twists and turns make for an interesting drive through a designated scenic route through small towns and villages. In contrast to these small streets you also get to observe lush Alpine meadows, ancient forests home to dozens of idyllic lakes, rustic castle grounds and even snow topped mountains further along the road. An array of guesthouses and small hotels ensure there are plenty of places to stop for a rest, although you may find it hard to leave their charm and traditional German culture behind! The quaint characteristics of wooden chalet-styles and flowerboxes are sure to enhance your cultural journey.

Pas de Calais – France

One of Northern France’s prettiest drives, this rural route will allow a tranquil drive alongside wide sandy beaches and an estuary fishing port lined with fantastic seafood restaurants giving you the perfect opportunity to stop off for lunch or dinner and sample some of the freshly caught cuisine. Cobbled streets and squares provide a cultural drive and are home to some amazing architecture such as cathedrals and old churches. There are vast marshland waterways for the adventurous or elegant boutiques for those who wish to purchase souvenirs to remember their trip by. If you want to experience a sense of luxury there are grand country houses which spoil you with their luscious accommodation options.

Chamonix –Italy

Chamonix is a legendary mountaineering centre which attracts world-class skiers, snow boarders, climbers and travellers of all kinds. Spectacular scenery can be witnessed in every direction, and the addition of the rock-covered Mont Blanc Tunnel, makes for an exhilarating once in a life time experience.  For those who seek a contrasting view of Italy, the remote Valle d’Aosta provides a whole different world where you can experience a sense of France and Switzerland also.

Despite these routes being highly recommended for any eager motorist/traveller, the possibilities are endless as the world holds host to a variety of natural and man-made wonders. Once comfortable behind the wheel, the world is most definitely your oyster, so put your pedal to the metal and enjoy the open road!

This guest post was brought to you by Just Motor Law who are UK-based motoring solicitors. When driving around Europe we highly recommend you read the AA’s country specific driving law guides to ensure you’re abiding by the law whilst on your road trip. Remember, you’re not covered by UK driving laws abroad so it’s worth putting in some research before heading off to avoid having your trip ruined by a fine or worse.

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