Top 3 Skiing Resorts For A Wonderful Family Vacation

Skiing is one of the most popular and globally recognized winter sports. It has been practiced as a means of transportation for several centuries, by the Asian and North European cultures. Gone are the days when skiing was used only for travelling over high, snow-clad peaks. Over the years, this sport has evolved as a modern form of recreation to meet the requirements of the present generation.

Skiing Gear:


Skis, also known as skate blades, are flat, long, wooden strips that allow quick movement over soft snow. It’s a combination of wood, plastic or metal and is worn underfoot to facilitate efficient gliding. A pair of resourcefully designed ski allows a skier to turn over abrupt edges and incoming obstacles. The first ever ski design was developed by a Norwegian skier named SondreNorheim in 1850. However, modern-day skis are based on an advanced design. They come with adjustable binding systems, reinforced edges, moderate lengths and downhill locking style.

Ski Poles:

Ski poles are simple sticks made of bamboo or steel. They’re used by skiers to maintain balance and to improve timing and propulsion while turning.

Ski Clothing:

Skiers wear special outfits called ski clothing since it keeps the mountain chill at bay. Thus, you can stay warm and dry while skiing on the slopes. Ski clothing includes waterproof pants, double layered jackets, thick socks, mitten or gloves, aviators and headbands made of wool, polypropylene, silk and fleece. They’re coated with polysynthetic materials to make them waterproof and airtight.

Skiing Styles:

Modern skiing includes ground-breaking styles like ski jumps, cross-country, downhill, back-country, slalom and speed skiing.

Top 3 Ski Resorts Of The World:

Are you planning an adventurous winter vacation with your family? Why not opt for a ski resort? Classic ski resorts are a combination of lofty mountains, serene panorama, vivid cultures and luxurious accommodations that invite skiers like youth-bestowing fountains. Here is a list of top 3 ski resorts of the world.

# Alyeska Resort:

This amazing holiday resort is situated near the famed Chugach Mountains in Girwood, Alaska. There are plenty of ridges and blue runs around the resort for skiing and in-bound hiking. Apart from regular snowboarding and mountain climbing activities, this place is famous for Sitzmark, which is a classic ski bar cum party lounge for youngsters.

# Fernie Alpine Resort:

This wonderful winter resort clings on to the well-sculpted face of the famous Lizard Range and overlooks the Elk River Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The resort is approximately 4.5 miles from the downtown. Ranging Elk Hotel, Lizard Creek Lodge, Griz Bar and piping hot Espressos served at Bean Pod are the prime highlights in this region.

# Zermatt, Switzerland:

The beautiful country of Switzerland is known for its classic ski towns especially the Zermatt city, which is its crown jewel. The town consists of a range of interconnected skiing villages that include thrilling zones and runs within them. The Swiss villages are lined with several luxury hotels and quaint wooden barns. Skiers can commute via electric cars and hang out at local restaurants or bars that serve scrumptious cuisine.

Additionally, you may visit resorts located in Chaomix (France), Bozemon (Montana), Cortina d’ Ampezzo (Italy) and Crested Butte (Colorado). So, go ahead and grab your ski gear, pack all the necessary stuff and take a quick flight to the best ski resorts of the world.

Phil Farell is an avid blogger on skiing and favorite holiday destinations. When not blogging, he travels and enjoy local treats and customs. His favorite place is Niseko Powder Connection .

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