Top Dive Sites in Mauritius

Diving in  Mauritius

Offering an abundance of marine life, warm waters and a seemingly never ending list of locations, diving in Mauritius appeals to novices and veteran divers alike.

However, finding the best dive site can be a challenge. As such we’ve put together a list of the best diving locations Mauritius has to offer.

La Passe De Bella Mare – East Coast

Covering 2km in length and in width, this dive offers depths down to 33 metres and visibility up to 20 metres. As the current takes you effortlessly through the reef enjoy sights including Eagle rays, Horse eye king fish, barracuda, kingfish weighing up to 40kg and even bull sharks.

Pass St. Jacques – South Coast

With depths down to 25 metres and a narrow pass between cliff faces this is an exhilarating dive offering an incredible amount of marine life. Expect to see Barracuda, Giant trevally, Sting rays, Eagle rays, Giant lobsters, Bull sharks, Grey reef sharks and even Dolphins. This dive is perfect for seeing countless marine life in one go whilst enjoy a thrilling dive at the same time.

Blue Bay Marine Park – South Coast

It’s not often you get to dive in a protected marine park, particularly one teeming with so much underwater life but Blue Bay Marine Park offers exactly that.

Experience a vast variety of coral with Huge brain, Stag horn and Cabbage corals among those on offer.

You’ll also enjoy getting up close and personal with Damselfish, Butterfly fish, Large trumpet fish and Surgeon fish… not to mention the local fisherman who regularly fish these waters.

Japanese Garden – South West Coast

Offering depths down to 28 metres and visibility up to 30 metres this dive suffers from very little currents and gets its name due to its similarities to a tiered Japanese garden.

Divers will experience numerous Tropical fish, Moray eels, Octopus, Parrotfish and even the occasional shark. A serene dive in a tranquil location.

Cathedrale – West Coast

Diving into an underwater cave to a depth of 27 metres experience a world of hidden marine life including a giant Moray who lives at the very back of the cave and, like numerous other underwater life here, likes to saunter between the cracks in the cave walls.

Close by to Cathedrale that is the chance to visit two wreck sites. Kei Sei 113 was sunk in the 1980s to form an artificial reef and marine life including Red Snappers and Hawkfish now call the area home.

The other wreck site, tug 11 was scuttled in 1981 and is home to many shoals of fish, including Lion fish, Devil fire fish and Stone fish

Rempart Serpent – West Coast

So called due to its resemblance to a snake Rempart Serpent is close to Flic en Flac and offers countless varieties of fish and other marine life including many different types of Scorpion fish, Lionfish and Waspfish. Hammerhead and Grey Reef Sharks are also known to frequent the area.

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