Vacation Doesn’t Need To Be Boring: 5 Alternative Ways To Spend Your Time Next Summer

Life doesn’t have to be boring, yet most of us prefer it that way. Think about what you did on your last vacation. Was it something along the lines of staying at a beautiful resort and lying at the beach all day? That’s nothing to set the world on fire. Don’t get me wrong, it can be absolutely great, especially when you’ve had a tough year at work. The only problem is that you always have a tough year at work and boring beach holidays turn into the norm. The world is a huge place with lots of exciting things to do.
Things much more exciting than lying on the same beach until it’s time to go home. There’s a common misconception that doing anything other than lying down is stressful and will leave you tired. That’s why people are scared, because if they are tired all the time it will be a wasted vacation. The truth is you’ll feel even better when you get back home. Let’s look at a few of the things I’m talking about that anyone could do on their next vacation. Just make sure you have travel insurance before you do any of these to stay on the safe side.

Go on a trek

Some people love to walk. That’s over mountains and through ravines rather than just down to the beach. If you think you might love a walking holiday you should look into some of the places it’s possible to do it. You don’t need to go straight for Everest. Machu Picchu is very popular and takes you on a journey deep into the jungle where you’ll come across ancient Mayan ruins. If reaching the summit of a mountain sounds like a challenge you could try Mt. Fuji, in Japan. Just have a look online and you’ll find thousands of places.

Become a surfer

There’s still an option that will let you lie on the beach, but that’s after you’ve spent a few hours riding the waves. Surfing is one of the most popular beach sports in the world and there are surf schools everywhere you go. The cost of learning to surf is very cheap and you can actually book up for trips where they will drive you around an island and take you to all the famous spots. Once you can stand up on the board you can go off on your own.

Go on a biking trip

What about jumping on a bike and traveling all over a country. If you have ever been to South East Asia you would have realized everyone drives around on motorbikes. The best country to do this is maybe Vietnam, because you can buy a bike for a thousand dollars and sell it back to a backpacker before you go home. The country is laid out perfectly to travel by road from one end to the other. There’s lots of amazing places you can stop at during your trip.

Spending the week on a boat

There’s lots of ways to spend time on a boat that doesn’t involve booking up for a cruise. If you wanted to learn how to dive you could go out on one of those diving trips where you spend every day on a boat. Or there’s cool trips in places like Croatia and Greece where they take you around all the islands. Spending your time on a boat doesn’t have to be as boring as you would imagine it to be. Just make sure you don’t fall overboard, because even your insurance can’t save you then.

Learn to fight

You don’t even need to be a violent person to do this. You could spend your vacation in Thailand and stay at a special boxing camp where you would spend hours per day learning to fight. The reason you want to do this is because it’s a huge amount of fun, but also because it can strip the fat straight from you body and make you look a million times better than before. Who doesn’t want that?

Lucy Shields is a gypsy at heart. She likes her freedom and loves exploring unknown destinations. She does most of her traveling in her car that is why it is important to get her car insured from DirectAsia Insurance in Hong Kong.

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