Which Airlines Are Worth the Money for In-Flight Meals?

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Airline food: the classic staple of outdated stand-up routines. For many airline passengers, the food is nothing to write home about — but a few airlines have stepped up their game and made the humble in-flight meal a memorable and enjoyable part of the travel experience. Here’s a look at a few of those airlines who take their meal service to the next level.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is a popular choice for European business travelers, and it’s easy to see why. Managed by famous “gourmet entertainment company” DO & DO, the meal service on Austrian Airlines has food equal to the best world-class restaurants. Planes flying Austrian Airlines even have an on-board sommelier to make sure the drink service is nothing less than perfect. On a typical flight, you might enjoy one of 11 gourmet coffees.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has won awards for its economy-class meal service, and it’s no wonder: the economy menu of Air New Zealand is created by a team of chef consultants and wine experts, making even a long trip over Australia that much more enjoyable. You’ll also get to enjoy native wines and fresh produce and top-quality seafood. Flights on Air New Zealand even have a self-service bar for drink and snacks. A typical vegetarian meal on Air New Zealand might include grilled zucchini, mashed potatoes, red grapes, or spinach wrapped in eggplant with basmati rice.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines prides itself on its top-quality food service and customer accommodation that goes above and beyond. If you order well enough in advance, your Turkish Airlines flight will accommodate almost any unique meal request, from vegetarian to halal meals. And Turkish Airlines employs actual chefs on board the planes, to ensure quality preparation. The airline won out over 19 other international airlines to win an award for its in-flight cuisine. (Second place was Singapore Airlines, which had famous chef Gordon Ramsay as a consultant.)

Air France

A flight on Air France will bring you not only famous French cuisine equal to that available in the finest restaurants, but fine wine at no charge. The Air France menu was put together by a group of famous chefs, including Guy martin and Joel Robuchon. On an Air France flight, you might enjoy a steak, a basket of French bread, and top it off with H?agen-Dazs ice cream.

Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson recently dropped a hundred-million pound investment on his baby, Virgin Air, to secure its reputation as one of America’s best airlines. Virgin Atlantic recently redesigned its menu, making it more appealing than ever. On a Virgin Atlantic flight, you can enjoy a “welcome cocktail” of fruit juice and vodka, a three-course meal, and dessert with coffee or tea.

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