Will a Florida Fly and Drive Holiday Work For You?

There can be no doubt that a Florida fly and drive holiday is perhaps the best way to see the state of Florida. Most travellers will fly to one of the larger international airports in destinations like Orlando, Miami or Tallahassee. Then, they can explore the city for a few days or hop in a hired car right away to start the adventure. With no rules and an itinerary you can change at whim, this sounds ideal for most visitors. However, not everyone is sure if the plan could work for them. Whether you are visiting alone, as a romantic couple, with your family or as a large group, you can make the fly and drive idea work for you. Here are some tips and ideas for each type of traveller.

Single Travellers: Fly and drive holidays around Florida are the perfect way to explore the state on your own. Instead of having a set itinerary, or staying in a resort simply because it is close to where you landed at the airport, you will have the ultimate freedom to travel at whim. If you love something in particular, perhaps the nightlife in Miami Beach, simply park your car and stay for a few days. If it is the golfing in Orlando that gets you excited, then head there instead. With a car at your disposal, you can always ensure that a holiday in Florida is exactly what you want, when you want it.

Large Groups: Many larger travel parties think that moving around the state will be too much hassle, forcing the entire group to stay in just one location the entire time. Unfortunately, this can really limit the experience of the holiday. A great suggestion is to have a fly and drive holiday with predetermined stops. Start in a large city like Miami, Orlando or Tampa and enjoy shorter trips to lesser-known destinations. This allows the group to see more than just one city, and it also gives everyone a chance to get behind the wheel on the open road if they choose to.

Romantic Couples: Couples will love the opportunity to set off on day trips while on a fly and drive holiday. One spectacular idea is to stay based in one location, such as Key West or Fort Lauderdale, and then venture for romantic activities like picnics on the beach or air balloons rides at sunrise.

Family Holidays: It can be tough to choose just one destination that pleases every member of the family. A better idea is to ask each member of the family to pick a destination and add it to the itinerary. Start with a day at Walt Disney World, relax on the beaches of Panama City and then take in the art scene at St. Petersburg to please every member of the family.

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